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MEMORY LANE ~ A New Day ~ September 17, 2011 by Shirley Sarafinchan

Posted in MEMORY LANE by doloresayotte on September 17, 2011
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A Wo-Man’s Voice ~ July 5, 2010

My goal is set and in nine short months I will retire after thirty years of employment with the same Company.  Different positions over the years, new faces and many changes and challenges throughout the organization that provided me with growth, opportunity, security and an income to live a good life.

How many times over the past forty-five years since I started working full-time have I been told “your job is just a job, it is not your life” or “don’t take your job home with you, leave it at the office”?  Well I will be leaving my job at the office and yes my job is not my “life” but I find myself struggling with feelings of loss at the very thought of losing such a large part of my “life”!

I’m sixty-three years of age and have had serious illnesses during my lifetime and I’m ready for relaxation and for change but why do I find it so difficult to let go.  Perhaps I just won’t allow myself the luxury of time for myself, time to heal or maybe I find it too challenging to separate myself from the daily routine and demands from others, maybe it’s ego!

Employed as a Payroll/HR Co-ordinator and Administrative Assistant I’ve bid farewell to many fellow employees and have organized over fifty retirement functions but I have no idea what to expect when I say farewell.

It takes nine months to bring a new life into the world.  Perhaps over the next nine months I will nurture and prepare myself for my new “life”, a new beginning, and take the well deserved time to enjoy my golden years.


  “A New Day”                                                   

Take each new day as another birth

To begin once again                                       

On this God-given earth 

As dawn approaches we leave our nest

And venture outside

In search of our quest 

Frightened and unsure we move with caution

Wondering what this new day will bring

As far as learning and precaution 

As the day unfolds hour upon hour

Our eyes see beauty, our ears hear song

Our touch caresses the tenderness of a budding flower. 

Yesterday forgotten, tomorrow miles away

We live each precious moment waiting, hoping

For love and joy to come our way 

As the sun settles silently in the evening sky

Our minds and bodies weary

But our hearts and souls soaring high 

For another day, another birth

Makes waiting and hoping for life, for love, for joy

Filled with worth! 

Shirley…Thank you so much for your inspirational post and poem!  It would be wonderful if you could share with us just how well you have adjusted to retirement. It’s been about six months.




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  1. Lorraine Gauthier said,

    Hi Shirley! It will come fast and I am sure there will be other things for you to enjoy and love. Change is difficult for everyone even if it is good change. We are all creatures of habit and love our comfort zones.You are starting the grieving process now which is part of letting go.We all experience the comings and goings of so many things in life, that’s what keeps it from being boring!!Good Luck in your Golden Years!!! Love, Lorraine

  2. What a beautiful poem and you expressed so much in it Shirley.
    Oh, I am sure you are looking forward to your well deserved retirement.
    I’m wondering what the office will do too; they no doubt are a bit in awe of planning YOUR party, since you always planned the other ones.
    I do wish you God’s speed and a wonderful new beginning at what you decide to do during this exciting time.

  3. Mary Haskett said,

    Hi Shirley,
    You reminded me of my own retirement from nursing. A milieu of uncertainties surfaced in my mind as I tried to reconcile to what I perceived as loss. But before I left the hospital I decided to put a psitive spin on it.I announced I was being liberated to write! You have that God given gift and I pray you’ll pursue it full tilt and be blessed in the doing.

  4. Mary Haskett said,

    By the way your poem is so expressive, just beautiful:)

  5. Sally said,

    Congratulations on retiring….Yes..I agree…a job is what you must do so you are able to do the things you love. I retired after some years with illness…I was afraid I might die and never get to enjoy retirement. It is five years later and I am strong and healthy and so glad I did it. Enjoy this wonderful time you have worked so hard for…you will love it. Sally

  6. Peter Black said,

    Very understandable sentiments for you at this time, Shirley; Your beautiful poetry shows you have a grasp on your own thoughts and feelings.

    The END …
    is but
    with God!

    (I’ve closed off many a message with variations of the above.)

    • Shirley Sarafinchan said,

      Good Morning,

      I would like to start my day by thanking all of you for your wonderful comments! Most of my poetry was written in the early 1980’s and it is so wonderful to share them with all of you! Thank you Peter, you’re absolutly right “a new beginning with God”, how beautiful to think I will have more time to appreciate all the gifts God has given me! I love writing and photography and I will enjoy all the precious time available to really explore and enjoy these gifts.

  7. Gil Frontain said,

    Hello Shirley
    Its quite wonderful that you can share your thoughts and feelings about your coming retirement. You most certainly deserve a “new day” after 45 years of working.I once heard someone speak of “the sacrament of letting go” and perhaps the releasing of your daily routines will be the most dfficult for you. Perhaps you are already “letting go ” as you prepare to start a “new day’. Soon you will wonder how you ever found time to work full time. There are many poems waiting to be penned, plus more articles and perhaps books to be written, photos to be taken and miles to be walked and traveled.
    So hurry up and come join us happily retired folks.
    Thanks so much for sharing with us. Gil

  8. hope_rising said,

    I am really moved by the sentiment of this poem.

    I have been thinking and writing a lot lately about living in the moment and seizing the opportunities of the day at hand.

    I thought it was really sweet how this particular writing moves from dawn, the time of opportunity, through the day’s experience and on into night, when rest for the weary is won and hope for tomorrow born.

    I just love that.

    this is a really pretty poem.

    congrats on your impending retirement. Still many years from mine, I can only imagine how excited you are!

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