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MEMORY LANE ~ On Saving Memories ~ September 14, 2011 by Sally Gilchrest-Unrau

Posted in MEMORY LANE by doloresayotte on September 14, 2011
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A Wo-Man’s Voice

Everyone has a story. Some of them get told, some get written down, but there are those that settle in the minds of their owners …remain there for years…and never get shared. Those stories instead …are the lost ones. As the generations pass on… it is impossible to imagine the millions of interesting stories that have never been told.

A writer friend of mine published a book…Faspa… that is full of memories…stories that were told to her by family and friends…it was a wonderful way for her to capture people’s memories. A wonderful way to give people a chance to remember them…a wonderful way to give their stories a permanent place in the world.

I read that book and it made me think about my parents…wondering what stories they might have had but never shared…what kinds of memories they might have safely tucked away…waiting for the right person to show interest…waiting for the right time…the time that never came. My parents passed away a number of years ago…and I was either too young…too busy…or just not interested in their stories until recently…. and now those stories are lost forever.

As a three-time breast cancer survivor…life, mortality and death became topics of daily thought for me… cancer made me wonder about my stories  …I began to think of all the stories I had to tell…mostly to my daughter…Will she too… be either too young, too busy or just not interested enough in them enough until it is too late???…I wondered if after my death… would she wish she had taken the time to ask me about them like I now do about my parents???

Instead of wondering any longer I bought a new journal and began to write. I wrote to her about me…. about her…and about our lives together…I wrote to her about the day she was born and the day she went to her first concert without permission. I wrote to her about her dad and her step dad… I wrote and I wrote and after the first journal was full I bought another and another.

I haven’t written in those journals lately…but…I know I will…. And when the day comes that I am gone…and that will occur …my hope is that my daughter will find my journals and I hope she will enjoy reading my stories…my memories .For me, my journals are a small piece of me that I can leave behind… and when she reads my words… I hope she will see my face and hear my voice …and I hope that my stories will answer some of the missing question she may have about her life and mine.

Thank you Sally for such an insightful and touching post.

Sally is the Author of  the delightful children’s book, Sam’s Weird Afternoon




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  1. Janie ilkins said,

    I enjoyed this, Dolores. It makes me very glad that I wrote my memoir!

    • Thank you Janie….I know exactly what you mean. A memoir is a fine legacy for our children. They may not have time to read it now but one day down the road, it will be of great value to them. Bright blessings to you and yours!

  2. shanyns said,

    Our stories hold so much of our wisdom, and when we lose them from a generation or more we lose so much more. We lose a connection to the past, we lose our history and we lose the story of how our family came to be. I missed many stories from my grandparents, and have tried to save as many from my husband’s grandparents and parents. Scrapbooking and journaling are our methods of choice for this. It is wonderful to see and read those stories. Thanks for this review and I hope you start your stories again Dolores!

    • Hi Shanyn,
      Thanks ever so much for subscribing to my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. I very much agree with you that our stories hold so much of our wisdom. To look to the past and glean the wisdom from the stories of our ancestors shows them respect and esteem. It is of great benefit to us as well. I wish that I had more information about my grandparents too which is why I have chosen to leave the legacy of my writing for my children and grandchildren.I feel it is a great gift to have both the inspiration and desire to do so. I know you are using your gift the same way. Blessing to you and yours!

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