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Posted in INSPIRATIONAL POEMS ~ SPIRITUAL SATURDAY by doloresayotte on September 10, 2011
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For those of us who have ever suffered from any form of depression…this poem says it all!

© Annabel Sheila

She’s beauty, style, poise and grace,
At least she appears to be.
But no one knows the girl who hides
Behind the face they see.

Her self-esteem is all but gone,
Of her ego there’s barely a trace.
There’s so much pain behind the mask
She wears upon her face.

Depression has controlled her life
With far too many tears,
Her smile is fake; she’s good at it,
She’s been doing it for years.

The cover is what attracts us,
To the story within the book.
And she’s afraid that without the ruse,
No one would bother to look.

Source: The Ruse, Depression Poems http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/family/poetry.asp?poem=21357#ixzz0s0Eilfu6

Masks…so many faces. Which one shall I wear today?  It is so wonderful to be free of the mask. I am so grateful that, at last, the truth has set me free. (Dolores)


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  1. Hello Dolores, I am touched that my poem meant so much to you. Only those who are touched by depression can truly understand the pain in my words as I watched my beautiful daughter suffer for years with this horrible disease.

    Best regards,

  2. We’ve come so far from the years when shock treatments were used to treat this horrible life altering disease. Thankfully, today we have med’s, good counselors and many places who are so knowledgeable about this.
    But for someone who is IN depression, they can’t see the future, because the PRESENT is so very hard, they can’t see the future for their depressed state.

    Your poem is beautiful and those who have been there can certainly relate. I know I can! 🙂

  3. Mary Haskett said,

    O My, I’m sure many of us can relate to that poem. But as you say Dolores, we are set free by the King of kings and how liberating that is!

  4. Peter Black said,

    A lovely poem, and meaningful, I’m sure to anyone who has lived, who cares, and feels; but no doubt especially poignant to those who have personally experienced depression or has a loved one who has suffered from it. Praise God for the Living Truth who enables us to see and sets us free.

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