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When we seek a church, a style of worship, a way of studying the Bible, or a method of prayer rather than God, we make these things the focus rather than Him, and fail to have an intimate relationship. Study methods and worship techniques are important, but even Jesus was astounded that people could devote their entire lives to studying scripture yet fail to know the One to whom scripture was pointing (John 5:39-40).


6 Responses to 'SPIRITUAL SATURDAY~ INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES ~ “Scripture” ~ September 3, 2011'

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  1. Most interesting!

    God bless!


    • Janie….welcome to A Woman’s Voice. I thought this quote was very interesting and thought-provoking as well. Bright blessings to you and I hope you and your family are doing better. Take gentle care.

  2. NIikki said,

    Wow…this is so true..and totally amazes me

    • Yes I know Nikki….and it totally amazes me too! Thanks for stopping by my dear friend in Christ. 🙂

  3. raisethegaze said,

    Dolores …

    Right on! This brief piece sounds a clear, cautionary note, and makes a very important point. For some years in pastoral ministry I sought to alert my congregations to make a similar distinction.

    • Hey Peter…how wonderful to hear from you. As a retired minister, I fully appreciate the value of your comment and the fact that you sought to alert your congregations to the importance of this biblical quote. It is very important to remind ourselves of this cautionary note on a regular basis. It is so easy to get swept up in other things and lose sight of our true goal, that of a more intimate relationship with God. Bright blessings to both you and May. I hope you are all settled in your new home! 🙂

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