A Woman's Voice


My Daughter’s Voice  

A woman’s voice. What does she sound like? She is fierce, intuitive, and powerful, for she is aware of her own relevance. Her knowledge runs deep, fueled with the passion coming from the women that have come before her. She looks into the eyes of the little ones around her knowing that if she denies her worth, she denies the worth of the next generation of femininity.

She has experienced the deep personal pain of having ignored the whispers of her own soul, or when she has had the courage to speak up and then quickly backing down. She sees the women around her struggling as well, many overeating to try to temper the power within.

Others may spend too much money or try to portray perfection, or they may devalue the role they play in their families and communities. Just maybe if they could keep their minds busy enough, they wouldn’t see where they have either given up their voices or where they have been taken from them.

She knows the courage it will take to speak her truth, but she can no longer sacrifice her spirit. When she felt that her voice was irrelevant, she cared that others did not hear her. Now she feels her relevance deep with in her soul and no longer seeks out the confirmation that it is worth something. That she is worth something. There is a deep freedom in honoring and celebrating the fierceness that resides in the inner voice of a woman.

It is this power that if collectively used, will create deep and everlasting changes for the world we live in and for the generations to follow. She thanks the women before her, who have used their strength and wisdom to make it easier for her, and she uses the next generation as inspiration to continue to find the courage to stand tall.

Thank-you Andrea!

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Andrea is married to Jeremy and is the mother of four children.   She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Psychology as well as a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Manitoba.


7 Responses to 'INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES AND ANECDOTES ~ THE FEMININE SPIRIT ~ August 29, 2011 by Andrea Cockerill'

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  1. Shirley Sarafinchan said,

    The Feminine Spirit …. Andrea what a beautiful way to describe “A Woman’s Voice”! I found your blog so very easy to relate to and it reminded me of my younger years as a young mother trying very hard to voice my opinions and in having difficulty doing so! When I was forty-two and diagnosed with thyroid cancer I will never forget how one of my dear friends described my condition to me. She told me I had surpressed “my voice” for so long and as a result I had gathered resentments that led to my cancer! Thank you for the reminder Andrea!

    • Thanks Shirl for your wonderful words and compassionate understanding!

      • Andrea said,

        You friend was so right! It is amazing how the body can reflect our journey with our truth, whether we have ignored it or embraced it’s volume. It takes a lot of energy to suppress the spirit, and although not everybody’s evidence of supression is as straight forward as yours was, the suppression of our truth nonetheless comes out in so many less obvious ways. Our bodies themselves hold great truths, if we are willing to look deeper to the stories they tell.

  2. Lorraine Gauthier said,

    What a wonderful article Andrea!!Women have really come into their own over the years! Women in many different careers have also acquired deserved respect.Women who respect themselves and are willing to speak the truth are now recognized as someone who is honest and non threatening. Women have and continue to be evolving by loving themselves! What a wonderful being to share with our mates!!!

    • Thanks so much Lorraine for all your wonderful support and your great comments! 🙂

    • Andrea said,

      You are so right Aunty Lorraine! Women have evolved over the years, and it is because of the women from your generation that the women of my generation have more and more opportunities to speak our voice with honesty. It is very interesting to me that the voice of a woman can be considered so threatening. Shouldn’t that be evidence of how powerful we really are! I am starting to own this power and trying to find a way to use it to make a difference in our world.

  3. Awe-inspiring and beautifully written. Really enjoyed this piece 🙂
    BJ Robinson

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