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INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES AND ANECDOTES ~ “LAFF” (until your stomach aches) ~ August 27, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

Posted in INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES AND ANECDOTES by doloresayotte on August 27, 2011
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Do you enjoy doing any kind of puzzles like crosswords, four square, cryptograms and so on?  I love puzzles and word games.  You name it…Wordscraper, Scrabble, I love them all!

I am fascinated by the English language and how rule oriented it is on one hand and totally not on the other.  We all know how phonics works and how you can sound out words.  Sometimes it is as easy as pie and other times it doesn’t make one ounce of sense because there are so many exceptions to the rules.

One such word that catches my attention is the word LAUGH.  Why isn’t it just spelled like it sounds LAFF?   Do you want to know why I much prefer this version?

At the times, when I struggle in my relationships with other people, I spell it this way.  It’s kind of like an anagram for me.

L – Love

A – Accept

F – Forgive

F – Forget

When someone has either purposely or unintentionally offended me, if I learn to LAFF, then I can genuinely LAUGH and better enjoy my life.  A well-developed sense of humor can really enhance life.  You may have to work at it, but it is well worth the effort!



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  1. Makes sense to me, Dolores!

  2. Mary Haskett said,

    Yes a wonderful way to look at life. Recently we were at a family barbeque at my son’s home. His wife was so upset that people didn’t arrive on time she cried. I hope and pray I can win her to the Lord and she’ll be able to laugh at such small matters in the future. Laughter IS good medicine

  3. Shirley Sarafinchan said,

    Laughter is the best medicine and the other evening I was watching America’s Got Talent and one of the contestants was so hilarious I found myself laughing out loud and what a great feeling! As we age we tend to forget how important laughter is! I think I will spell “laugh” the same way you do Dolores “laff” it just makes more sense so thanks for sharing!

  4. Lori Denis said,

    I love this post! Live, Love, Laugh!

  5. Lori Denis said,

    …Or rather, LAFF 😉

  6. Lorraine Gauthier said,

    Very good article!! Eventually in life we learn how to not take things so seriously !! If only we could have learned how to practive “LAFF” at an early age!! What a gift that would be!!!

    • Thanks so much for appreciating the true meaning of “LAFFTER”. You know what I mean! 🙂

  7. Kimmie said,

    I’ve always been someone who can’t stand to not be able to laugh often. If I am around someone who is too serious I start to feel constricted and want to hurry up and get away. Laughter really is the best medicine and has been proven so. I really like how you spell laugh as laff. I am, also, going to start spelling it that way! Great post, enjoyable to read!

  8. Peter Black said,

    A lively piece, and a very useful acronym / acrostic, Dolores. It’s interesting — and wonderful — how adopting such a simple idea and making it one’s practice in life, can produce positive results in oneself and in relationships with others.

  9. Anissa said,

    Excellent reminder, contentment is the key to keeping ourselves smiling! Great post!!

  10. […] repeating what I wrote, perhaps you would like to take a moment to read them.  Please click on  “LAFF” or  “Psst…Hey EWE” and you’ll know exactly what I […]

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