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INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES AND ANECDOTES ~ My Red Hot Keyboard ~ August 20, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

From my fingertips to your eyes, I send my greetings to you. 

At one time, we could only communicate with those that lived nearby. In this situation, my greeting would have been from “my lips to your ears”. 

Now with all the advanced technology, one of the best ways to communicate seems to be via the computer in one format or another.  If it isn’t by e-mail, it’s on Facebook, Twitter, My Space, chat lines, cell phones, and so on. These methods of communication are all great but have we lost the personal touch?  Are we always able to interpret moods, facial expressions, body language, voice intonation, and any other forms of communication, if we choose to mainly communicate the techie way?

Please let us try to remember the personal touch. It’s difficult to hug and embrace the “old” way with all the “new” technology.  Give someone a smile or a hug today. You’ll both feel better for it!



“We cannot rebuild the world ourselves, but we can have a small part in it by beginning where we are.  It may only be taking care of a neighbor’s child or inviting some one to dinner, but it’s important.” (Donna L. Glazier)



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  1. hpcharge said,

    This is so true. I have taken myself off Facebook – and I am not on the computer as much. I am trying to have more Face To Face conversations and hugs with friends and new acquaintances.
    Cyberspace hug to you.

  2. Great post! I agree that communication is becoming impersonal. I miss getting letters in the mail, and real cards instead of e-cards. It is so true that we aren’t able to “hear” the tone or inflection in someone’s comment, look into their eyes, or see the body language. And the hugs are definitely missing. I am encouraged to reach out and touch, to smile, to write a note to someone and send it via “snail mail”! Thanks.

  3. louise (augustine laurence) said,

    …Treat everyone with politeness,
    even those who are rude to you …
    … not because they are nice,
    but because you are…

    patience is the companion of wisdom
    the two most pwerful warriors are patience and time

    I found these two quotes -messages so profound I want to share then with everyone I can sincerely L

  4. Shirley Sarafinchan said,

    Thanks Dolor for the reminder that nothing, absolutly nothing compares to the human touch. Seeing someone’s eyes light up, or a beautiful smile cannot be replaced by anything and is definitly missing when it comes to keyboard greetings! I too have cut back on FB and e-mail and much prefer conversations over the phone or in person! I found it difficult to believe that when they delivered the new phone books to the offices and homes there are no white pages any longer, you must go to the computer phone directory or call 411 if you wish to find a phone number! It makes me wonder how our seniors are managing when they are computer illiterate! Today let’s all take some time to reflect on being human and being kind and keep a smile on our face for all to see and enjoy!

  5. Thanks so much, Jan, Lynn, Louise and Shirley! I really appreciate your comments. It means so much to me to know what other people think about the different topics “A Woman’s Voice” touches on! 🙂

  6. Andrea Cockerill said,

    Great post! Nothing compares to the connection of hug! It should be interesting to see how this current generation grows up, because technology is all they know.

  7. Peter Black said,

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post, Dolores. How true . . . Personal touch for me, anytime!

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