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BOOK REVIEW ~ WEBS OF FATE ~ August 15, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

TITLE ~ WEBS OF FATE (Prequel to the national award-winning Webs of Power)  ~ 519 pages



This spellbinding, suspenseful novel takes place in the heart of the high-fashion, fast-paced, fiercely competitive business world in Beverly Hills during the mid-eighties. Bentleys Royale is feeling the pinch of the negative economic climate which creates a tension and desperation for increased employee performance and the meeting of impossible career demands. In this highly charged atmosphere with budget cuts and unrealistic bottom line demands, executives must perform or risk the loss of their livelihood.

David Jerome, the hard-driven, tough taskmaster runs a tight ship. WEBS OF FATE, starts off with the mysterious disappearance of Danielle Norman.  Upon further investigation, there appears to be discrepancies in Danielle’s department connected to an embezzlement scheme. She has been under pressure to meet her targets or lose her job. No one knows whether she is dead or alive or what part she’s played in this act of ultimate company betrayal.  As the plot unfolds, her dear friend and mentor Ashleigh McDowell,  becomes deeply involved in her efforts to discover the reasons behind the mysterious disappearance of Danielle. In doing so, she unwittingly puts herself in extreme danger. Ashleigh’s fiance, Mitchell Wainwright III, appears to be withholding pertinent information from not only the private investigation company he’s hired, but from her as well.  Who can she trust as she seeks to find the much desired answers?  The tall handsome, Conrad Taylor, becomes her ally in trying to put together the pieces to this intriguing puzzle which is built on lust for power, secrecy, and survival.

Quinn, an international award-winning author, weaves together the plot to WEBS OF FATE with skill and expertise. Her knowledge of this world is evident in every word that she writes. She utilizes this knowledge to create an action packed, fictional work of art that will capture any readers interest right at the onset.  It is apparent that Quinn is no novice when it comes to her ability to create a story chock full of intrigue, jealousy, romance, hatred and revenge. The many twists and turns that captivate the reader and hold their interest is beyond description. This well-written work of fiction is over five-hundred pages long. I had a tough time putting this book down but due to its length, it was impossible to read in one sitting. I wanted to keep reading and reading and I was very disappointed to see it come to an end. To me, that spells a great book. Quinn made me want more…no reader can ask for more than that nor can any author!

To pre-order please click here: WEBS OF FATE

To learn more about Darlene Quinn, please click: here.



5 Responses to 'BOOK REVIEW ~ WEBS OF FATE ~ August 15, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte'

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  1. morganmandel said,

    Sounds like a great read. Reminds me of Sidney Sheldon’s kind of novels, which I always enjoyed.

    • I agree Morgan….I felt the same way while I was reading Webs Of Fate. It’s very relaxing to kick back and enjoy a great fictional book. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment too!

  2. Great book reviews, Dolores. I enjoy visiting your blog and meeting new authors and discovering new books. Blessings, BJ

    • Thanks Barb….I always enjoy featuring other authors. There are so many talented people that do such a great job of writing both fiction and nonfiction books.

      • Barb,
        It is so very true. Although, we can not always see the fruits of our labor, God can. We just need to have faith and trust in our efforts to work in God’s garden because He has chosen us to do just that.

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