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BLOG HOPPING DAY ~ Words Of Wisdom ~ July 6, 2011 by Charles Betts

In response to last week’s Blog Hopping Day post “Who Are You Performing For?”, I received this response from Charles Betts.

Dolores: I read the article by Sandra. It was interesting to see how she relates the need to perform and be accepted or approved by others with anger and power struggles and rejection. As I read this article I thought of what I used to say to my daughters [and others] when they were feeling angry toward someone, “Whoever you allow to anger you controls you” and ” if you don’t learn to forgive others, then every time you encounter that person, or hear their name, or think of them, you will endure some type of negative impact on your soul”.

The need to live and perform for Christ alone is not only paramount to a happy existence, but to me it is a part of losing ourself in Him as the scriptures advise. When we do this we find ourselves. Then the approval of others is not something we demand of ourselves, and we are free to be who Christ wants us to be. We not only lose ourselves but we lose all that baggage of anger and rejection and so much more.

This point of view of life has helped me so much in my lifetime. I hope it will help others as they learn the value of putting it into practice. God Bless, Charles Betts

Thank you Charles for once again taking a moment to share your inspirational and thought-provoking words with my readers and me. Your words of wisdom always add a special touch to each and every article you respond to.  I can see that you are a benevolent man who searches deeply into your own soul to explain what life means to you in order to help others achieve peace and contentment in their own lives.

It is apparent to me that you have learned from your own experiences and you are making every effort to share the benefit of your knowledge based on these personal experiences. I am truly grateful that you have shared your insights in such an honest and forthright manner. I hope you will continue to do so at every opportunity. It is an honor to share my space with you. 


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  1. chosenwoman said,

    I love how you always share with us your own personal struggles and strengths. It does help when others share their testimony. God bless you sis in all that you do

    • Right back at you Desiray…I find the same thing about you. When we share our personal struggles and strengths, it helps remind us of our own humanity. I think this is why we relate so well to each other. I don’t feel above my human frailties and I know I never will. Thanks for your usual supportive and encouraging comments.

  2. smchaney said,

    Delores and Charles thank you for this awesome inspirational word. I am learning to be truly free in Christ. I no longer perform for others. BLessings to you both.

    • You are most welcome Sandra…I very much enjoy your posts and was happy to share this inspirational one with my readers. I like the way you say that you are “learning to be truly free in Christ”. I am on that same learning curve and I discovered that I must be patient with myself. It doesn’t happen overnight and it is a continual growing spiritual experience. Thanks goodness that Christ is more patient with us than we are with ourselves. Bright blessings to you!

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