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BLOG HOPPING DAY ~ Who Are You Performing For? ~ June 29, 2011

Posted in BLOG HOPPING by doloresayotte on June 29, 2011
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I feel so fortunate to find these little gems along the way and to have the opportunity to share them with all of you.  I don’t know everything, nor do I have all the answers. This is the reason I want to share other people’s knowledge and insights when I come across a pertinent article.

This is just a short snippet from Sandra’s article. In it, she writes about the difference between performing for God and performing for others. She states, “Performing for others will yield power struggles, anger, rejection, sadness and so forth. Performing for others can sometimes be abusive….”

If you are interested in reading the whole article please visit : Who Are You Performing For 


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  1. Charles Betts said,

    Dolores: I read the article by Sandra. It was interesting to see how she relates the need to perform and be accepted or approved by others with anger and power struggles and rejection. As I read this article I thought of what I used to say to my daughters [and others] when they were feeling angry toward someone, “Whoever you allow to anger you controls you” and ” if you don’t learn to forgive others, then every time you encounter that person, or hear their name, or think of them, you will endure some type of negative impact on your soul”.
    The need to live and perform for Christ alone is not only paramount to a happy existence, but to me it is a part of losing ourself in Him as the scriptures advise. When we do this we find ourselves. Then the approval of others is not something we demand of ourselves, and we are free to be who Christ wants us to be. We not only lose ourselves but we lose all that baggage of anger and rejection and so much more.
    This point of view of life has helped me so much in my lifetime. I hope it will help others as they learn the value of putting it into practice. God Bless, Charles Betts

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