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BOOK REVIEW ~ His Love For Lexi ~ June 27, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

Posted in BOOK REVIEWS by doloresayotte on June 27, 2011
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AUTHOR : Kasandra Jamison

TITLE: His Love For Lexi

PUBLISHER: Tate Publishing & Enterprises

As soon as I started reading His Love For Lexi, it brought me back to my own youth and innocent dreams. There is a brief prologue explaining that Lexi has been stood up by her boyfriend Jeff at their prom. She is totally ashamed and immediately afterwards, decides to leave town in order to get away from her embarrassment. Lexi never gives Jeff the opportunity to explain his absence. Jeff, on the other hand has a secret that he is very reluctant to share with Lexi. He fears he will lose her if he does. Never having the opportunity to explain his actions, Jeff mourns the loss of their relationship as does Lexi. Neither one of them finds the true love that they once shared, although, they both decide to keep their distance and make no effort to reach out to each other.

Five years later, after absolutely no contact with Jeff, Lexi returns to her hometown for family reasons. There are many twists and turns as the plot unfolds which revolve around revenge, greed, lust for money and power.  It is necessary for Jeff and Lexi to learn how to set aside their pride as they work through their conflicts. It is also vital for them to relearn how to trust each other after all the secrets are revealed. They discover that they are not the only ones with family secrets which adds to the interesting plot.

His Love For Lexi is a well written book for the young at heart. It is a romance novel that is suitable for young adults and up. Kasandra’s morals and values shine through as she lets her story unfold. Her faith in God is apparent as she manages to incorporate her own beliefs into the story line.

Well done Kassie!

To learn more please visit Tate Publishing.


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  1. I am reading His Love For Lexi right now and I find it very enjoyable and interesting thus far!

    • That’s wonderful Lisa…I’m eager to read your review too. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  2. audrakrell said,

    Thank you for the great book review. I always appreciate a heads up on a good book!

    • Hi Audra….you are very welcome! I have been doing a few books reviews lately and I’ve come across some very good books. Thanks for stopping by and for your positive comments too.

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