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SPIRITUAL SATURDAY ~ INSPIRATIONAL POEMS ~ The Lamb ~ June 25, 2011 by Charles Betts


I am the Lamb the Good Shepherd would hold

Protected from heat and sheltered from cold

Then I got rebellious, wouldn’t do what I was told

One day I decided to run away from the fold


I ran away under cover of night

As hard as I could to get out of His sight

I didn’t stop running until I saw morning light

Back when it happened I thought I was right


I went to the city and joined in with the crowd

I went to the parties and learned to be loud

They all seemed to like me. I became proud

I did what I wanted because I was allowed


I never once thought the Good Shepherd would leave

The ninety and nine, this poor lamb to retrieve

He didn’t love me, is what I chose to believe

I lied to myself. Myself I deceived


I had a good time for quite a few years

No inhibitions. I overcame all of my fears

There were only good times. No sorrows, no tears

Then I realized, life is not what it appears


I began to get lonely. My friends went away

My health began failing. I could no longer play

I had no one to listen to what I had to say

I cried every night and was sad every day


Then it happened to me, right out of the blue

I heard the Good Shepherd say “I’m looking for you

Your life that is ruined, I will make it brand new”

I felt so guilty, I didn’t know what to do


The day Jesus found me I was filled with despair

I was all by myself. I had no one to care

Who I thought were my friends were no longer there

I was useless to them. I had nothing to share


This time I answered when He called out my name

“I’m here to help you and I’ve taken your shame”

He lifted me gently and healed all my pain

I am so glad to be in His arms once again


I am the Lamb the Good Shepherd now holds

Protected from heat and sheltered from cold

No longer rebellious, I do what I am told

I’m just so happy to be back in the fold


Now I feel safe and I sleep well at night

Knowing I am never really out of His sight

I waken with joy to face each morning’s light

And I know in my heart that this is what’s right


A Poem By Charles Betts

Apr 12th 2011

 Great Poem Charles…thanks!


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