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INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES AND ANECDOTES ~ Games People Play Part II ~ June 14, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

….continued from yesterday. 

“I never truly knew the meaning of faith until I was so filled with fear. It was then that God reached out His hand and saved me from the depths of confusion and despair. This powerful experience is one I will never forget…” This is me, where I’ve been and now where I am today. 

I want to continue to share with you some more creative examples on how I overcame much of the negativity in my own life. This is just a simple example of a small mental game I played with myself. Solving word games, gave me the impetus to have a better look at the English language in itself . Words, whether big or small, are what give us the tools to communicate with each other.  Using our imagination to clarify what we are feeling gives us even more vision. “Vision…It reaches beyond the thing that is, into the conception of what can be.  Imagination gives you the picture.  Vision gives you the impulse to make the picture your own.” (Robert Collier)

Yes…pictures of what we are dealing with can really help us see clearer. As I was going through the healing process, I picked a very simple little word to describe how I was feeling.  That word was “mat”.  I remember sharing this story with one of my sisters to better explain what I was experiencing.  At the lowest point of my depression cycle, I felt like a “mat” on the floor and it felt like people were walking all over me.  Some were not only hurting me by walking on me, it also felt like they were actually wiping their feet on me.  In other words, I had people in my life that were putting me down or adding to the negative image that I already had of myself. It was as if I was wearing an invisible “kick me” sign.

Stop now and think for a minute. Do you have any people in your life like this?  Is there someone you see on a regular basis that makes you feel worse than you already feel?  Maybe it is more than one person. Take the time to have a really good look at the people in your life. Ask yourself these questions too. Do you feel better or worse after you have been in their company? Why is this happening?  At times, people can either inadvertently or purposefully do this to another person.  They may have low self-esteem themselves so they treat another person poorly in order to help build up their own feelings of inferiority or inadequacy.  Other times, they may actually feel superior to people for whatever reason. Simply put, is someone putting you down? Are you being treated as an equal? Or…equally important, how are you treating others?

To be continued on Thursday…..


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  1. Susan Earl said,

    Good points, Dolores. I have been there myself and only through the grace of God have I been able to overcome the feelings of in adequacy and awkwardness. There are still some people in my life who try to intimidate me and put me back into that “mat” feeling. I strive each day I am around these folks to know that God didn’t make me a doormat, he made me strong, and beautiful, and in his image. And by following God’s purpose for my life and in his strength I can be the person I was meant to be. It is so hard to learn these lessons, but with age comes wisdom. Your blogs and your books are so helpful to so many. Thank you for following God’s purpose for your life, Dolores. It means so much to so many.

    • Thank you Susan,
      You have made my day today by sharing some of your experiences and wisdom with my readers and me. When we get over that “mat” feeling and become all that God meant for us to be, people can struggle with our “new self” in Christ. These people may try to put us back to the way we once were when we felt inferior to them but they will never succeed. I remember very well someone trying to do that exact same thing to me but I could not go along with it because it would go against God’s Will. Once we realize and accept that we are truly made in His image, it would be a huge disservice to Him to accept being anything but equal to those around us. When we grow in Christ, we may very well lose some relationships but it is all part of God’s plan for us. Blessings to you too Susan.

  2. AudraKrell said,

    It’s so hard for me, because the people that put me down to feel better about themselves, are family members. (extended fam). I feel so much worse every time I’m around them, not sure what to do about this. Sadly, I have limited interactions, but I feel so guilty because we are related.

    • Audra…I know it is very difficult when the people that must be in our lives decide to put us down. For some reason, extended family members seem to fall into this category. We have the greatest expectations of support and encouragment, but as you know this doesn’t always pan out. My gut feeling is telling me that more than likely it is jealousy that fuels these relatives who are choosing to put you down in order to feel better about themselves. No matter what the reason, it never feels good and it only goes to show how inferior and inadequate they feel in your presence. Their ignorance of whom you really are and what you truly believe may be blinded by their own inferiority complexes. At times, a better understanding of the situation can result in more compassion for people who feel so insecure. It appears to be the only solution to this type of problem especially when they are family members. If you weren’t related I would suggest avoiding them but that choice appears to be impossible for you. I hope this helps a bit. Bright blessings to you Audra and thanks for your comments.

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