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INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES AND ANECDOTES ~ Games People Play ~ June 13, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

“The secret of a good memory is attention, and attention to a subject depends upon our interest in it.  We rarely forget that which has made a deep impression on our minds.” (Tyron Edwards)

Do you like playing games? It’s ironic how different facets of our personalities can really show up when we get into the competitive mode.  It must be a very basic part of our genetic makeup to want to win.  I notice that this doesn’t always hold true when it comes to the game of life. When some people don’t feel good about themselves they kind of “give up” at times. They may not put out all the necessary effort to make their lives the successes that they can truly be.  When I was going through my own depression, I started to try many different things to draw myself out of my deep blue moods.

As mentioned in some of my previous writings, I started to do more reading and also engaged in puzzle solving.  Although, I always had an interest in solving crosswords even at a very young age, I hadn’t continued to enjoy this little habit for a long period of time.  When I finally found the time and desire to enjoy this pleasure once again, I discovered a puzzle I enjoyed even more.  It was printed in our daily newspaper on the diversion page.  This puzzle was called the cryptoquote, although I notice it is also referred to as the cryptogram in other newspapers and puzzle books.  By utilizing my brain, I discovered that “there is a great treasure there behind our skull and this is true about all of us.This little treasure has great, great powers, and I would say we only have learned a very, very small part of what it can do” (Isaac Bashevis Singer)

I am sure that you have all figured out by now that I am a motivational writer. By solving the cryptoquotes I mentioned above, I found a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. I learned from the sagacity of these quotes and took their wisdom to heart. I try my best to utilize this wisdom in all that I say and do. I very much agree with Charles Betts when he says, “As we help others to heal we heal ourselves”.  I truly discovered this as I went through my healing process. This philosophy is the inspiration behind everything I write. Today I shared a little tip with you. It’s learning how to utilize our brains and draw from the Power within.  I don’t mean to say that it needs to be done in puzzle form. I merely mean to say that it is necessary to keep ourselves mentally challenged in whatever way we choose.

I am writing a little series on positive thinking and I hope you’ll stayed tuned as I share personal stories about my healing journey and some simple ideas I used to overcome my woes. Sometimes a little tweaking here and there can garner incredible results.

To be continued…


4 Responses to 'INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES AND ANECDOTES ~ Games People Play ~ June 13, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte'

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  1. Desiray said,

    very well put sis..

    • Thanks Desiray…much appreciated as usual.

  2. AudraKrell said,

    Very inspiring, looking forward to more tips for healing!

    • Thanks Audra…as always, I appreciate your wonderful, long time support of A Woman’s Voice. Bright blessings to you! 🙂

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