A Woman's Voice

SPIRITUAL SATURDAY ~ Aging ~ May 28, 2011 by Charles Betts


Cruel, hurtful aging

Midnight cries of sorrow

Painful loss of friends

Passing long before

I was willing they should go


Cruel, hurtful aging

Health, memories

Joyful thoughts of youth

Cannot be recalled

Like the things I used to know


Cruel, hurtful aging

Disdain replacing respect

Once sought-for advice

Now mere musings

Or rantings of the disillusioned aged


Cruel, hurtful aging

A process they say

More of a gristmill

Grinding down the strong

Consumed now by rage


Cruel, hurtful aging

You are not now

Nor ever have you been

A friend to those of us

Confined to your control


Cruel, hurtful aging

To be rid of your influence

Is more than just a wish

It is a deep longing

Formed somewhere in my soul


A Poem By Charles Betts  Sept. 10th 2007

Charles…what an insightful poem. Aging is not an easy process as you have so aptly pointed out in this inspirational poem. Thanks! 

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