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THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY ~ Peace in Life’s Simple Pleasures ~ May 26, 2011

My dear friend Vivian sent this message the other day. It has been an inspiration to me today as I write my article for THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY. So many people touch my life is such a positive and inspirational way that I want to share some of their beliefs and ideas with as many people as possible. This is another example of one of life’s simple pleasure.

Vivian wrote…How are you enjoying Spring? I have been spending long days outdoors working in the yard and cleaning up the gardens for Summer. I hear the birds singing and busily eating at the feeders, and wonder, who needs radios and cell phones when there is so much to enjoy in the natural world all around us? What peace there is in just melding into the world around you and doing ordinary things and realizing that “This is as good as it gets! “

When I first received this little message from Vivian, my imagination took me into my own garden and how I feel when I am there. In the Spring, as I clean up my garden with the help of my husband, I feel the exact same way as Vivian.

I get so lost in the wonder of it all that the work I am doing doesn’t feel like work at all. I look in awe as I see the bushes and trees bud and turn green almost right before my eyes. I watch in amazement as I notice “new growth” sprout from the soil after a long cold winter. I gaze at the birds and listen with pleasure to their sweet songs as they go about their daily routine. I see the empty nests in our trees and bushes and I know a new season of life has begun.

I have a little garden sign in one of my flower beds which reads “Life Began In A Garden”. Every time I read this sign, I am reminded of how close I am to Our Creator as I cultivate this little piece of earthly heaven that I call home.

Yes Vivian, “This is as good as it gets”. Thank you so much for being an inspiration to me today!            

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7 Responses to 'THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY ~ Peace in Life’s Simple Pleasures ~ May 26, 2011'

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  1. Vivian Dunbar said,

    I must be really getting tuned into the birds, because I think I know from the different songs and sounds when the Orioles are needing more grape jelly! Every two days I have to refill my bird feeders. What fun!

    • Well Vivian…I’ve teasingly referred to myself as the “bird whisperer”. Maybe you are becoming one too! I have been known to whisper to the blue herons as I walk around the lake. I’m convinced they know my voice because they don’t fly away. The birds have their own voices too so I’m not surprised to hear that you recognize their different songs. Good stuff! 🙂

  2. I figure this is why I love working outside in my yard. I always feel closer to God. I love to listen to birds sing. They have a way of lifting my spirit. Love this post. I feel the exact same way when I’m planting and digging in the dirt 🙂 and don’t mind getting my hands and feet dirty to do it. Blessings, BJ

    • Thanks Barb,
      I knew you were a woman after my own heart. It is a wonderful and rewarding experience to work in our yards. I find such peace and tranquility as I enjoy getting my hands and feet dirty too. I find gardening so therapeutic and feel closer to God as I soak up all that nature has to offer. Happy Memorial Weekend to you and your family! 🙂

  3. laurette godard said,

    Beautiful and so true. Thank you.

    • Laurette,
      Yes….it is very true. I have found much peace and contentment right in my own back yard. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your usual upbeat comment: )

  4. LG said,

    I really enjoy your blog and am so glad I found upon it…The south side of the equator we are moving into winter, and although not neally as cold as northern hemisphere, it’s cold enough for me. I actually dislike winter very much – cold and fluey and artificial heaters and all such…but I try look on the good side like helping birds with some food and cleaning out my garden for the spring flowers to make their joyous welcome…anyway just wanted to say, if we have a garden, if we have food and friends and warmth, there is so much to be grateful for, we should enjoy every day…spring or winter, so thanks for the reminder I got out of this blog today

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