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BLOG HOPPING DAY ~ One Incredible Lady ~ May 25, 2011

Posted in BLOG HOPPING by doloresayotte on May 25, 2011
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I would like you to meet one incredible lady. She is a fellow author and her name is Janet Perez Eckles. When I read her story, it gave me a clear vision of the meaning of being a true survivor.

Against all odds, Janet did not lose her optimistic, positive, and spirit-filled attitude that she needed in order to face what most of us can’t even imagine. I have the utmost respect for people who know how to overcome the odds and rise above the heartbreaking hardships that life has to offer. Janet is one such woman.

Please take a moment to meet  Janet Perez Eckles. Trust me. She will be such an inspiration to you when you see her positive attitude after all that she has endured. She has also managed to retain her sense of humor which adds to my admiration of her. Janet states that “God is stronger than your pain”. The way she has chosen to live her life proves it!

Please click here: http://barbarajrobinson.blogspot.com/2010/12/trials-of-today-treasures-for-tomorrow.html if you want to check out the review of Janet’s book, TRIALS OF TODAY, TREASURES FOR TOMORROW

Thanks Barb…what a great book review!

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  1. chosenwoman said,

    What an amazing story to be used by God inspire of our trials we endure. God turns our ashes into beauty

    • I know Desiray that God has an amazing way of turning our sorrow into a very meaningful and rewarding experience if we let Him. I think Janet has shown us just that. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I always appreciate when you do. Blessings to you!

  2. I’ve met Janet in person and she’s just as beautiful as she is in spirit. I’ve also read her book based upon her life, and there’s a review of it on my blog. It’s been some time ago, so you’d have to scroll to find it, but it’s a worthy read. I am honored to have her as a friend, and we were in an ACFW critique group together, which is where we met. She critiqued some of the first chapters of my novel that will be released July 15, LAST RESORT, in that group. Check out her books. You will be glad you did. She doesn’t disappoint. Blessings, BJ

    • Barb,
      How wonderful that you have met Janet in person. I was so intrigued by her that I just had to share her site with my readers. I enjoyed listening to her video too so I could hear the lovely sound of her encouraging voice. I’m going to add your link to her book review to that post. Thanks for providing it!

  3. My blog is http://barbarajrobinson.blogspot.com if you want to check out the review of Janet’s book, TRIALS OF TODAY, TREASURES FOR TOMORROW.

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