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SPIRITUAL SATURDAY ~ Stormy Seas ~ May 21, 2011 by Charles Betts


A storm arose on Galilee

James and John were there with me

Jesus slept and did not see

The terror that came over me


A sailor, I’d seen storms before

Wind and waves had often roared

I’d helped others get to shore

This storm seemed so much more


The three of us began to think

This time we will surely sink

Jesus slept and did not blink

Our fears took us to the brink


Disciples, we wondered if we dare

Awake the Lord, our peril share

We even wondered if He cared

Nerves were raw, our souls were bared


The storm got worse, no longer brave

Humbled, we asked the Lord to save

Us all from the dark watery grave

He rebuked the wind and wave


Now I sail on in calm and peace

He caused the storm in life to cease

In troubled times I just release

It all to Him, The prince of peace


If you’re out on the sea today

Afraid that you’ll be swept away

Call on Him. Take time to pray

He still keeps the storms at bay


A Poem By Charles Betts, May 27th, 2006

Charles, it is wonderful to be reminded that Jesus is always there for us, especially during the storms of life. Oftentimes, we can only recognize His presence after the storm when we can more clearly see. Thank you for pointing out that we are never alone. Jesus answers all our prayers. 

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