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THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY ~ You Asked…I Answered (part 4)~ May 19, by Dolores Ayotte

What concept or scripture is God revealing to you in this season of your life? And how is that revelation influencing your life? 

The concept that God is revealing to me in this season of my life is that by learning more about myself and what caused my depression in the first place (what I refer to as getting to the root of the problem)  I have found a new image of a loving and merciful God.  I discovered that when I felt the least lovable, God actually loved me with such an abundant and unconditional love which sustained me throughout my whole ordeal. 

Although, I never lost my faith, it was necessary for me to revisit some very old teachings and learn to know God in a new and healthier way.  By going back into my past to figure things out, I was able to accomplish my goal of overcoming my childhood teachings of fear and guilt.  In doing so, I was able to embrace and enhance my own healing process.  I discovered a strange kind of strength that one finds in the depth of despair. 

It is in your darkest moments when you feel the true presence of God.  He is true to His word.  Most of us know the story of Footprints in the Sand.  There is not one ounce of doubt in my mind that God is there for all of us, satisfying our every need.  All we must do is admit this need.  “That man is perfect in faith who can come to God in the utter dearth of his feelings and desires, without a glow or an aspiration, with the weight of low thoughts, failure, neglects and wandering forgetfulness and say to Him, Thou Art my Refuge.”(George MacDonald)

Yes…without my faith, I would have been nothing but a sinking ship. 

To be continued…please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or ask a question. 

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  1. laurette godard said,

    great job as always.

    • Thank you Laurette…I appreciate your continued support. It was wonderful to see you the other day at line dancing!

  2. Geezer said,

    I also suffer from depression, anxiety attacks and panic attacks. I felt myself “falling away” from my close personal relationship with Jesus. After 13 years, it’s still a daily struggle, but once I realized I couldn’t handle my illness with pills and psychiatrists only, and needed to rekindle my relationship with my Savior, it’s much easier now. Thanks for your great post.

    • Hi Don,
      It’s always so wonderful to see a new face on my blog. I’m pleased to meet. you. I’m impressed with your openness in sharing that you also suffer from depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. When you say it’s a daily struggle and that you couldn’t handle it alone, I know exactly what you mean. Rekindling our relationship with our Savior is exactly what it takes to better cope and it has also been my saving grace. Blessings to you and thanks for your comments.

  3. It is in our darkest moments that we draw closer to God and feel His presence close to us. In some of my own, I’ve felt a hand on my shoulder. I could actually feel it, like someone placing the palm of a hand on my shoulder, and I know it was the Holy Spirit. If not for those dark times, I’d never had this experience. Enjoyed your post. Blessings, BJ

    • Barb…it is so true that it is in our darkest moments we feel the true presence of the Holy Spirit as He guides us through our difficult times. I would have to agree with you. I wouldn’t have experienced this wonderful new relationship with God if I hadn’t gone through those dark times. Thanks so much for your understanding.

  4. Ginny Hamlin said,

    God is teaching me to be still and know that He is God. I’m the type of person who races off to get things done, and often find myself asking God to catch up. While I don’t ever want to procrastinate on the things God places before me, I need to discern if it is He, who has placed it before me. I’m learning that in my stillness. The 23rd Psalm reminds me to be still, and when I find that hard to do, He makes me lie down in green pastures…

    I am no surprise to God, but He continues to amaze me everyday with His love, faithfulness, and provision. 😉

    • Hi Ginny…how wonderful to hear from you. I can see by your response that you have much experience and wisdom when it comes to knowing about your relationship with God. One of the main things I discovered very early on is that my plans are not necessarily the same as God’s plans for me. It took me a while to really surrender to God’s Will and to trust that all would be as it was meant to be. Things don’t always turn out the way I expect but when you are a servant of God, you don’t ask questions, you just learn to serve. I always think it is such an honor to have been chosen in the first place. God amazes me too and I know He works in wondrous and mysterious ways! 🙂

  5. Charles Betts said,

    Dolores; Hello again. I have been away from work for a few days and not been at the computer. I read with interest your daughters poetry. Thank her for me for sharing her heart and being unafraid to share with the world part of herself. It takes courage to do so and also a lot of inner awareness of who we are to just put ourselves out there for others to read and be OK with their thoughts of us. For me the big thing was to know that God was OK with who I am and what I shared. After that, even though I care how they feel, their concept of me is less important than His. Please tell her I enjoyed her poem.

    Now to todays blog. For me, in this season of my life, a sripture that has had a huge influence on me has been the one found in Jer: 9:24&25. It goes something like this;” Let not the rich man glory in his riches or the strong man in his strength, but let him that glories, glory in this, that he knows and understands me, that I am the God that exercises lovingkindness, justice and righteousness in the earth and in these things I rejoice” When I read this a few years ago it was like a huge lightbulb went off in my soul and i knew right away that God wanted me to join His exercise program. Especially the lovingkindness part. Like any program, the more we practise it the better we get. I decided that I would get as good as I could and not be deterred by any opposition. Whether others knew what I was doing or not, I believed and still do, that God knew and it was between Him and I and not the ones around me.
    When I saw the love God has for people and the things He tolerates in us, it became easier to treat others in a loving way. Not because we deserve His love but because He is love. So it is for me, not that others deserve any kindness but because God has put it in me and they need it.
    This has been a great blessing in my life and has changed how I view others and deal with them. lt makes it so that my being who I am is not dependant on them, but on my relationship with God. As long as it is OK, I am OK.

    Have a great weekend and thanks for allowing me to share with you and your readers, Charles Betts

  6. […] THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY ~ You Asked…I Answered (part 4)~ May 19, by Dolores Ayotte […]

  7. Kathy Eberly said,

    I appreciated this post so much. Every season of my life has been interesting and the Lord has taught me so much. What I am learning now and trying to cling to is that I must depend on Him for everything and not myself. I fail every time I don’t lean on Him.

    • Kathy…Thank you very much for sharing what the Lord has taught you. I feel that I must constantly remind myself to depend on God and learn to trust Him implicitly. I also still know failure which reminds me of the fact that I may not always listen as clearly as I should. Spiritual discernment is never an easy task. Blessings to you and yours.

  8. Dolores, I am in the season of discovering who I really am.

    It all started towards the end of last year, when I was going through a valley in my life. During devotion, I shouted out to the Lord, “I am fed up of being this person, who isn’t really me. I want to be the person, you created me to be – show me who I really am!”

    That was it, I felt I had been jerked into action, as though, at the start of a ride at a fairground. The theme I had been given at the start of the year by the Lord was, ‘SEEK’, and that is surely what I have been doing at every opportunity – I am so excited!!

    God has been taking me on a journey of discovery. He has been revealing to me, those talents and gifts, that had lain latent inside me for so long. Talents, I had from a very early age, which I had forgotten about, which He has resurrected. Talents which I now use for His glory.

    Whilst on this journey, God has also been revealing to me, at His pace, who I really am in Christ.

    Blessings to you, for yet another post.

    • Carole….it is so wonderful to discover that we have many seasons in life. I love what you have shared here. I remember very well throwing my hands in the air in desperation and despair only to find that I was never alone. My journey of discovery has been like a bicycle ride with many exciting twists ans turns. There have also been some very quiet and peaceful moments which I have learned to appreciate. I realize that God has a plan for us all and each of us is a part of His plan. He draws from our talents as He sees fits and I’ve learned to love both the exciting and peaceful times. I think the best way to enjoy our journey is so aptly put in the last line of your comments., ‘whilst on this journey, God has also been revealing to me, at His pace, who I really am in Christ’.

      Yes….at His pace! 🙂

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