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SPIRITUAL SATURDAY ~ Are You There? ~ May 14, 2011 by Charles Betts


Who will stand for what is right?

Live for God with all their might

And dare to be a shining light

A guide to those lost in the night


So many people, so short on grace

Lack the strength to take their place

No love of God seen in their face

Abandoned souls they can’t embrace


The world’s in need of someone strong

To speak up for what’s right and wrong

Give them a sense of where they belong

It will help restore their spirit’s song


Will you respond when He says to you?

I’ve something special only you can do

I’ll give you a dream if you’ll pursue

Lost and lonely souls, their hearts renew


Did you lack strength? Did you fall today?

Ashamed of the role you’re asked to play?

Though you knew His will, you did not obey

You let another precious soul just slip away


Don’t be consumed by your failings friend

On the Grace of God you can depend

Of His love and mercy there is no end

He’ll give you a chance to start ag’in


A Poem by Charles Betts

May 9th 2006

Thank you once again Charles for the gentle reminder of our role as Christians in this world we call home.  

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  1. Enjoyed the poem and grabbed your button. Now to see if I can make it work 🙂

    • Thanks Barb for both your comments and for grabbing my button too. I appreciate it! Blessings. 🙂

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