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INSPIRATIONAL POEMS ~ May 8, 2011 by Charles Betts

                                    MOTHER’S DAY

Mothers pray for their children no matter where they are

God keeps those prayers in heaven stored safely in a jar

They become a fragrance so pleasant to His senses

She trades them in for angels who become her kid’s defences


I thank God every day for the woman who’s my mother

I’ve never looked around nor have I wished for any other

No matter where I journey I can always feel secure

I know she’ll be the anchor, she’s the lighthouse on the shore


She has a faith in God that helps to keep her spirit strong

She taught us what was right so we knew what was wrong

She didn’t always say so, but I believe she often knew

When we were up to something she’d advised us not to do


I never was an angel, though she’d tell you that I was

Any time I was corrected it was always for just cause

I hope her memory fails her, she can’t bring to her mind

The many times I sassed her, or I stepped out of line


I probably never told her, but I did appreciate

How often she would pray for me when I was out too late

I kept the angels busy as they watched out for my soul

They did my mother’s bidding. They were under her control


My mother loved the laughter of the children in her home

Even though we kept her busy, no time to call her own

We knew that she was watching as we played out in the yard

While she was standing in the kitchen, working way too hard


So many countless lunches, the meals, the evening snacks

She gave so much to all of us. She got so little back

Hands and shoulders aching from the cookies, breads and pies

Were oh so kind and tender as she wiped our sobbing eyes


When our friends came over they felt welcome and a part

Of the love that was a river flowing from my mother’s heart

The neighbour kids had bikes. We traded cookies for a ride

That we thought were a secret as we smuggled them outside


I don’t think she ever counted, I’m sure nobody knows

The many dirty dishes, the many dirty clothes

Washing for ten children, who were mischievous one and all

We knew which one was guilty by the way our name was called


The children grew up quickly and some have moved away

I believe she misses them. Though she would never say,

She longs for them to call her, to hear some kind of news,

To ask for her opinion, or to share some point of view


Standing in her kitchen, though the remembering is hard

[There are no children playing, they’re not running in the yard]

She longs to hear the laughter of the children in her home

Her hands are never busy, she has all this time alone


A Poem By Charles Betts for Mother’s day 2009


Charles this is such a heart warming poem. I hope it touches the lives of many people today. Thank you kindly for sharing your deep love for your Mother.

Happy Mother’s Day to all my female readers who know both the joy and the tribulations of motherhood!  I’m sure there is many a line in this poem that you can relate to because as a mother, I see myself. Now as a grandmother, I see even more.  I’m honored to say that I have been blessed with my eighth grandchild just this week. Praise the Lord!


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  1. Peter Black said,

    Once again, the grace of loving thoughts has been transmuted into the gift of beautiful words in Charles’ Mother’s Day poem.

    Precious Mother’s Day blessings to you both and all who visit “A Woman’s Voice.”

    • Peter….thank you for your kind words and your lovely Mother’s Day wishes. Blessing to you, May and your family!

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