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BLOG HOPPING DAY ~ Small Powerful Choices ~ May 4, 2011 by Belinda

Posted in BLOG HOPPING by doloresayotte on May 4, 2011
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This blog site was recommended to me by a friend. She sent the link via e-mail. I was having a very busy day and almost deleted it. I hesitated for a moment and thought better of it. I decided that I would make time to read it later. I am very grateful I did. I left a comment to the effect that I found the topic refreshing as it had to do with having a positive attitude instead of a negative one. 

I think we have all experienced how difficult it is to be positive and upbeat during difficult times in our lives. I had a very touching and profound conversation with my dear friend recently and she was explaining a very sad event in her life. It was several years ago but I’m sure it still felt like yesterday to her. She was sharing about her granddaughter who died at a very young age from a childhood illness. On the way to the funeral it was necessary to stop at a local store.

Due to her circumstances and her grief, as she got out of the car, she accidentally let her car door bang the vehicle beside her.  The driver was sitting inside and he took a royal strip off her. She was already so emotionally drained with the loss of her precious grandchild that she was rendered speechless. All she could do was look at him and think “if he only knew where I was headed”.  How many times in life to we give people a piece of our minds when we have absolutely no idea what is going on in their lives? How many times do we lose our cool over such similar insignificant mishaps? Sometimes, we need to give our heads a really good shake to put our lives into perspective. This wonderful article by Belinda helps us do just that. I hope you will take a moment to read  WHATEVER HE SAYS ~ Small Powerful Choices. Thanks Belinda!


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  1. Belinda said,

    Dolores, thank YOU for your kind shout out to Whatever He Says.

    Your post gives such a good reminder to watch our reactions.

    • You are most welcome Belinda…it was my pleasure!

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