A Woman's Voice



I stood as king upon a mountain

Which my own two hands did build

I had all I ever wanted

I did everything I willed

You see I’d built a business

And that business it did well

I employed a lot of people

They made products that would sell

As I surveyed my kingdom

I used to say I had it made

But for every dollar in the bank

There was a price that I had paid


I’d neglected my wife and family

And our kids were almost grown

They didn’t know I loved them

“Cause my love had not been shown

You could see that I had money

You could see that I had wealth

The only thing no one could see

Is that I did not have my health

Just a routine doctors visit

What he said took away my breath

Set your affairs in order sir

In three months you face death


How would I tell my family

Or let my workers know

I had no God to turn to

So where else could I go

I ran back to my mountain

I threw my arms out wide

I raised my voice to heaven

From an angry heart I cried

God if you can hear me

 If you’re even really there

Come into my circumstance

And prove to me you care 


I need someone to walk with me

Through the valley of death’s shadow

The path ahead that I cannot see

Is the path that I must follow

It’s not the path that I would choose

If the choice were all my own

I’m so afraid I’ll lose my way

If I have to walk alone

I need some one to talk to

Who can help me understand

How of all the plans in life I’d made

This one thing I had not planned


A Poem By Charles Betts

For the Easter Sermon

Thank you for this very touching poem Charles! Your words give us plenty to think about.


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