A Woman's Voice

SPIRITUAL SATURDAY ~ Simple Things ~ April 23, 2011 by Charles Betts


Somewhere in the mountains falls a tiny drop of rain

It joins a thousand others and begins to form a stream

Their journey through the hills to the valley far below

Is drawn by a force of nature that all creation knows

The streams form a river where people work and live

Enjoying all the pleasures those tiny raindrops give


Far off in the distance someone speaks a gentle word

In our time of trouble it’s the sweetest we have heard

Entering our heart it always helps to bring a smile

Giving us the energy, strength to go another mile

Such are loving words exchanged between two friends

The peace we all long for on such simple things depends


Death and life are in the tongue, choose well the words we say

Bring peace to those around us as we work and live each day

Like the tiny drop of rain, the loving words we speak

Might be the best encouragement a weary soul can seek

Flood the earth with kindness, overflowing all the banks

Do it for God’s glory, and let the people give Him thanks


A Poem By Charles Betts

Aug 25th 2008

Thank you Charles and Happy Easter everyone!


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