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BLOG HOPPING DAY ~ JRRSEhope Coaching ~ April 20, 2011

Posted in BLOG HOPPING by doloresayotte on April 20, 2011
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I mentioned recently that one of my husband’s favorite little quotes is “walking the talk”.  As I read this interesting article by JRRSE (pronounced Jersey) I was reminded once again of its importance. It is instrumental in the teaching of our children to set the proper example as JRRSE so aptly points out.  Please take a moment to check out JRRSEhope Coaching to see for yourself.    


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  1. Charles Betts said,

    Dolores and JRRSE; I read with interest and some humor your blog. Good lessons there. As a parent we must learn to be careful to not just justify something because we are “the parent”. One of the principles I try to instill in the young recruits on my crew when they work with me is this ” The only thing worse than an inexcusable action is the defence of an inexcusable action”. This usually comes into play when they do something outside of our protocols and practices and I speak to them about what they just did. As most of us are prone to do, they immediately begin their explanation of why they performed or not performed in the fashion they did. It gets the point across of owning our actions and yet does so in a light and humorous fashion. They remember not just the correction but the gentle way of administration of an important lesson. I have even heard them use it on others, so I know they remembered it at least.
    Have a great day, Charles Betts

    • Charles…great teaching lesson for the young recruits. The point that you made that really struck me was that of “owning our actions”. Even as adults, this is still such a difficult goal to achieve. Thanks for your supportive comments. Blessings to you and yours.

    • Charles,

      You bring up a great point about the way to correct unwanted behaviors! Seems we humans have a tendency to justify our actions – kudos to you for finding ways to help your crew “own it”! And super kudos for hearing them passing on the lesson!

      ~RJ, the Hope Coach

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