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SPIRITUAL SATURDAY ~ Calvary Or Gethsemane ~ April 16, 2011 by Charles Betts


There is a place called Calvary

Where many come on bended knee.

Some to pray, some just to see

What has been or what will be.


There’s another place called Gethsemane

Where fewer come and fewer flee,

There to pray and there to plea

Before the Lord for His mercy


When people come to Calvary

Not passing through Gethsemane,

So many things they just do not see

And from themselves are never free.


You’ll find it is in that garden place

As you kneel there and bow your face

You see God’s mercy, love and grace

Extended to all the human race.


So enter now and slow your pace.

The steps you’ve taken in life retrace.

God’s holy presence now embrace.

Let Jesus’ love fill that empty space.


In Gethsemane is where Christ did pray.

Found strength from God to face His day.

Sweat drops of blood washed His will away.

He resigned Himself  then was led away.


Here come the soldiers and the angry crowd.

Here’s Judas, His friend who was too proud

To repent. Instead, he kissed the Savior’s brow

And walked away. Hanged himself, too late now. 


Jesus’ friends and disciples all fled his side.

Scared, they ran away somewhere to hide.

Peter, the bravest one, even cursed and lied.

“I don’t know him. I’m not his”, he cried.


Christ was led to the judgement hall.

Not one soul on Him did call.

No one on their face did fall

To honor Him, the Lord of all.


There He stood and took the shame.

They all laughed and mocked His name.

Was it for this to earth He came?

Yet people today would do the same.


No justice could our savior find.

Their eyes were shut, all were blind.

Hatred was all that filled their mind.

They put His miracles all behind.


Then He was led up Calvary’s hill.

The last subjection of His own will.

There His blood He did freely spill.

The Roman spear made the final kill.


The angels looking down on earth

Say to God “Is mankind really worth

The agony, the pain, the dearth”.

On Satan’s face such a look of mirth.


Almighty God now speaks to them

“I know the human heart is filled with sin

They have no peace or joy within.

But now they can because of Him”


“Look ahead now to a future day,

When weary souls will come to pray.

Seeking help to find life’s way.

And I can go to them and say” 


“ You made your way through Gethsemane

Now I see you kneeling here at Calvary.

You’ve finally found your way to me.

My truth alone will set you free”.


Let the tears fall from your eye

As from your heart there comes a cry

“God forgive me and the blood apply.

I’ll live for you, to myself die.”


Heaven fills with a sweet refrain.

For you the Savior died not in vain.

Go now, tell others, ease their pain.

So they as well may salvation gain


So if you decide to come to Calvary,

First spend some time in Gethsemane.

Stay there my friend on bended knee

Until from yourself you are truly free.


 A poem by Charles Betts

Typed on June 23rd 2001 at sta. 4

Once again Charles, I thank you for such an inspirational poem. 


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  1. Desiray said,

    I love this poem and thanks for sharing you have to go through the garden to get to the cross

    • Thanks Desiray….I love this poem too. It is very true that “you have to go through the garden to get to the cross”. What a great expression to explain our journey especially this close to Easter Sunday as Jesus makes His way through the garden. It helps remind us that we are not exempt from life’s challenges. Blessings.

  2. Peter Black said,

    Charles’ poetic gift and spiritual insight come together again in this heart-searching poem.
    Thanks to both of you.

    • Thanks so much Peter. I know Charles is always so pleased with any feedback he receives and so am I. This is such a wonderful poem and I’m honored to have the opportunity to share it during this Easter season. Blessings!

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