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BLOG HOPPING DAY ~ Emerging From Broken ~ April 13, 2011

Darlene Ouimet has been a previous guest on Blog Hopping Day. I have shared a few of her posts with you. Today, I am linking you to her site once again, however, Darlene is actually away and she has a guest writer by the name of Susan Kingsley-Smith. This article deals with some sensitive issues dealing with dysfunctional relationships which I’ve decided to share with you.  This topic is not easy to digest but because I have been doing a series of articles dealing with mental health issues, this post coincides with some of my articles. Please take a moment to visit Emerging From Broken. Thanks Susan and Darlene.


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  1. Dolores; I am honored that you would pick up my article at Darlene’s blog http://www.emergingfrombroken.com and share it with your readers. This issue is one of the last taboo subjects on abuse to be taken out of the closet I think. It is only by speaking – and then being heard – that this kind of treatment will no longer be the norm where the victims are re-victimized, blamed and shamed for therapy “failures”. Thank you for giving this issue voice.


    • Susan,
      I was very moved by your article and felt inspired to share it with my readers. There are many difficult issues to deal with in life and what you have written is definitely one of them. It is my opinion that there is so much self-blame and guilt that goes along with any kind of abuse and many survivors of abuse have taken enough of the responsibility for their situation. It is necessary for those who victimize others to take a long hard look at themselves and accept responsibility for their actions toward others and the damaging effect it’s had. Once again, thank you for being so open about this taboo subject and for sharing your experiences.

  2. DC Matthews said,

    So many ongoing life issues come from dysfunctional families, dysfunctional employment and a broken support system. It’s a wonderful thing that Susan takes the time to make a place for us women survivors of many things to get information on what is real and what we were not taught or what we mis- learned. To discover healthier ways to understand and interact and to to be able support each other on line is priceless.

    • DC…Thank you for your comment. I very much agree with you that it is a wonderful experience to discover healthier ways to understand and interact with each other. We can and do find new ways to support each other and as you said it is “priceless” to find this kind of support system in this most unexpected way. In fact, I find it very refreshing to witness how people reach out to each other with compassion and empathy.

  3. Darlene and Susan both reach out to so many survivors by sharing what works for their healing.

    • Thanks for stopping by Patricia. I have been following Darlene for some time now and I was pleased to read this article by Susan on her site. I agree with you….both Darlene and Susan have been very open about their healing journey. I’m sure many people have benefited.

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