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SPIRITUAL SATURDAY ~ Events At Calvary ~ April 2, 2011 by Charles Betts


Two thieves, condemned, one on each side

Together, were there, with God’s son crucified

One’s heart was hard, he was so filled with pride

The other, repentant, for forgiveness he cried


Jesus, knowing their heart, looked in their eyes

Knowing full-well they too this day would die

Welcomed the repentant one into paradise

The other, so proud, was left to his own demise


The disciples had fled, a few loved ones around

To watch as all three spilled blood on the ground

Some mocking Him said, “King, come on down”

Then all of them heard as the thunder did sound


[But not all of the blood that day was the same

Only His precious blood can rid me of my shame

Take care of my sin and help me with my pain

I love Him because I know He took my blame]


They broke the thieves legs, in His side put a spear

They left off their mocking, their heart filled with fear

As Jesus cried out, so all the people could hear

“ Father, why did you leave me to die like this here?”


Meanwhile, somewhere in heaven, just out of our view

The angels were asking, “Master, what will we do”

Ten thousand were ready, to slay and to hew

The Father said, “Patience, I’m making everything new”


Then along came a man from a far distance land

Who said, “I’ll take his body off of your hands”

They were happy to do it. It was all in God’s plans

The guards sealed the tomb at Pilate’s command 


The tomb couldn’t hold Him. He arose in three days

When His loved ones approached they were all so amazed

He was no longer there where they knew He should lay

And started asking the angel, “Why did you take Him away?”


Then Mary ran back to tell her loved ones and friends

“Come back quick to the garden. I’ve seen Him, it’s Him”

But Thomas who doubted said “The chances are slim”

“ I’ll believe it when I see His side and put my hand within”


There is a river that flowed for creation back then

It’s a great river of mercy that covers everyone’s sin

The thief that repented, we can all go to join him

The thief that was proud, surely wishes he hadn’t been


It’s no wonder I cherish the cross, once only a tree

When I think of all that the Savior did there for me

I want to humble my heart as I bend on my knee

And ask the dear Father “ Open my eyes. Let me see”


A Poem By Charles Betts

Oct. 29th 2005 

Thanks  Charles for the series of timely Easter Poems which will be posted for the month of April! 


4 Responses to 'SPIRITUAL SATURDAY ~ Events At Calvary ~ April 2, 2011 by Charles Betts'

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  1. Desiray said,

    Love Calvary’s Cross! Right now I am reading the four gospels and each one tells about His Cross that He faced.

  2. Susan Earl said,

    Thanks for sharing this ever touching, life changing event rewritten in verse. Good job, Charles!
    🙂 Susan

    • Charles Betts said,

      Susan; Thanks for reading and replying to the poem. Thanks to Dolores for the exposure her blogging has given to my poems. I truly hope they touch peoples souls and encourage them on their journey through life. Charles Betts

      “Be nice to someone today. It might not mean much to you but could make a world of difference to them. The ones we think desrve it the least are the ones that need it the most” An adage by Charles Betts

      • You are most welcome Charles. I am honored to share my space with you. By the way, I just love that quote. It is so true. Blessings to you and yours.

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