A Woman's Voice

SPIRITUAL SATURDAY ~ LIFE’S PUZZLE ~ March 19, 2011 by Charles Betts


Life is so much like a puzzle
With the pieces scattered ‘round
You just can’t put it together
‘Cause some pieces can’t be found

It’s so hard locating corners
And the middle seems such a maze
Try to put it all together
And it will leave you in a daze

Sometimes you find a couple of pieces
Then match them with a couple more
You think you’ve got it figured out
No way to see what lies in store

Out of nowhere something happens
And they’re all scattered once again
Impossible to understand
How can you e’er endure the strain?

I do enjoy a real good puzzle
I’ve tried my hand at quite a few
I have to say life is the hardest
I’m never sure just what to do

Now if you don’t mind me saying
I’ve got a friend who helps me out
When I go to Him with questions
His answers leave me with no doubt

If we learn to put our trust in Jesus
He’ll get to be our dearest friend
He will walk us through the puzzle
It’ll be completed in the end

A poem by Charles Betts
Jan 15th 2006

Charles you are a man after my own heart. I so love doing puzzles and this poem helped figure out a few answers for me. Thanks!


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