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THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY ~ Alive ~ March 17, 2011 by Charles Betts

Dolores; Here is a poem I did a while ago. It is short but says so much as to my outlook on life. I feel that avoiding or overcoming depression, [ now mind you I have never suffered from it that I know of], has so much to do with our outlook, not only on life but also our outlook on the events that occur in our life. When we realize we are never alone, either in our circumstances, meaning we are not unique to them nor are we abandoned in them. If we feel alone or abandoned, then that is just it, we feel that way. God never leaves us and chances are that we have more friends than we recognize. In each case if we reach out, either upward or outward, there is help.

I do recognize as you say here that in some families there appears to be a predisposition to depression. At least in my observations I have seen it so. I am not an expert in sense of the word on this subject, this merely says this has been my observation.


I am alive today
I have made a choice
I’ll be kind in what I say
I’ll put laughter in my voice

Yes I’ve lost some things
Yes I’ve known some pain
Yet my heart will sing
Yet I will laugh again

A poem by Charles Betts, Jan. 24th 2008

Once again Charles, I want to thank you for your wisdom, inspiration and talent as you share yet another lovely poem with us.


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  1. hope_rising said,


    that is very poignant poem. It speaks volumes. I think so many of us don’t realize that we have a choice in how we get through hard times and how and when we bounce back ….

    thanks for sharing this ….

    LLL from HTH!

  2. Desiray said,

    I like the poem, something to always remember.

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