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MEMORY LANE ~ New Beginnings ~ March 9, 2011 by Barbara Robinson

Posted in MEMORY LANE by doloresayotte on March 9, 2011
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     New beginnings burst forth with a shower of flowers, green grass, and tiny green leaves sprouting on trees. With fresh air and sunshine, there is nothing like the dawning of a new spring, my favorite season of the year.

     As a result of new spring growth, the world awakens like an old bear from a long winter’s sleep. Fresh green mowed grass smells like watermelons. Birds sing happy to see spring. Flowers bud, bloom, and blossom. Smells, sights, and sounds fill the air delighting the senses, making my heart leap like a spring. I have more energy, feel more alive, and I seem to be ready to take on the world. Blood rushes. My heart pounds. A new spring morning dawns bright and fresh. With the dawning of the morning, my senses come alive.

     It’s great to be alive and smell spring! To me, spring is strawberry season! Strawberry season is spring! All around me things are awakening, bursting forth in new bloom and blossom, awakening and coming alive from a long winter’s sleep. My senses are alert. I notice how pretty the sun shines and how sweetly the birds sing. The smell of sweet, juicy, red, ripe strawberries take me back to the past, to another time, another place, an old packing shed. Those were the days!

     So what, hand carries of berries were stacked to the ceiling, waiting for one lone packer to roll them around on that little silver tray, like she was washing red beans. Strawberry flats were stacked higher than she, waiting for their journey to the farm bureau. The fate of those strawberries was decided with a roll in the silver tray. Either they traveled to the farm bureau, or they were culled to become a sweet delight with a bowl of sugar and cream, or baked into strawberry shortcake. Every sweet berry had its own unique special place in the world and would end up pleasing someone in some way.

     Back to a time when life was simple, strawberries bring memories of early morning dew and spring, an old beat-up car, a baby stroller, a baby boy named Rodney. Wow, where has the time flown? Now, there is no baby stroller or baby boy. That baby boy is now a proud father of two boys of his own and has become an electrician. He has his own new beginnings. Thirty years have come and gone, but a sunshiny spring morning with birds singing, the smell of strawberries in the air, flowers blooming, and an old strawberry shed are strawberry-packed memories, memories everlasting.

     Okay, so I guess you can tell. I’m ready for spring. There are so many reasons why spring is my favorite season of the year. It’s the renewal and rebirth. It was also my mother’s. For me, spring is the season that awakens my soul and my senses. Spring makes me feel more alive than any other time of the year. Fall is my second favorite because I love the turning of the leaves in all their splendid colors. Thank God for blessing us with seasons.

Thank you very much Barb for sharing your spring fever with all of us. I’m sure you are not alone in being ready for spring. To learn more about Barb, please visit her website.


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  1. Desiray said,

    Yes I love spring myself and new beginnings is like having a fresh start.

  2. Thanks, Desiray 🙂 It was also my mother’s favorite season.

  3. Nan Jones said,

    Barb, this made me smile. Thank you. I think I smell those strawberries!

  4. hope_rising said,


    I was out on a motorcylce ride just yesterday and I could smell spring in the air. I could smell the jasmine, the orange blossoms … oh my goodness I got so excited! My gerber daisiees are already blooming. My strawberries are not here yet .. but now that I have read your article I can’t wait!

    great post! thanks

    LLL from HTH !

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