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LONGING ~ February 26, 2011 by Charles Betts

Posted in INSPIRATIONAL POEMS ~ SPIRITUAL SATURDAY by doloresayotte on February 26, 2011
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Oh precious face of Jesus

When will I touch that brow

That held the crown of thorns?

No thought by hands that forced it down

As they caused the blood to flow

Or how the flesh was roughly torn.


I long so to touch the scars

That formed when stripes were healed

On the back of He who took my pain.

For too long I’ve stood afar.

How many times I’ve kneeled!!

I’ll come back and kneel again


I ache to hold the hands

Who held the little children close

And reassured them of Gods love.

The wind and waves He did command

As the storms in my life arose.

They will greet me in my home above


The side that took the Roman spear

From which the blood and water flowed

[The sign of death to those who knew]

Is the side I lean upon. So dear.

It is the gift of God bestowed

It held His heart. Now mine is new.


To kiss and wash with tears

The feet that walked on sea and sand

They carried Him to where hurting people lived

They bring sweet joy amid my fears

Oh to hold them gently in trembling hands

To Him such obeisance freely give


A poem by Charles Betts May 24th, 2005

Thanks Charles!


3 Responses to 'LONGING ~ February 26, 2011 by Charles Betts'

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  1. I enjoyed the beautiful poem about out Savior, Jesus Christ. I myself just posted some thoughts about Christ.
    Check it out at Living Waters – http://lgwilliams.blogspot.com

  2. Amen, Charles! I understand that longing and share it.

  3. Thanks so much LeAnn and Susan. I am sure that Charles is pleased with your wonderful comments. Charles has asked me to thank you on his behalf. He certainly is one very gifted poet and I am honored to post his poetry on my site.

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