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“COME TO ME” ~ Book Review ~ February 25, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

Posted in BOOK REVIEWS by doloresayotte on February 25, 2011
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Come to Me~ 338 pages

Christian Author: Laura Davis

Author Laura Davis has managed to capture a facet of the holy family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, that I have never been exposed to thus far. Davis’ book starts off with the story of Mary, Jesus’ mother at the age of fifty-eight years old.  Although Come To Me is a fictional book, there are many biblical references to give authenticity to the story Davis has to share with her readers.

The apostles, Luke and Matthew, are spending time with Mary and quizzing her about her life as mother to Jesus. They are busy asking questions and taking notes in order to have a written account of exactly what took place before the birth of Jesus, the years that led up to His death and Mary’s life afterwards which lasted well into her eighties. The warmth and teasing manner that is exchanged between Mary, Luke and Matthew is an example of what is yet to come as this beautiful novel unfolds.

One of the concepts I found so refreshing and endearing is the human face that Davis gives to the holy family. She uses terms like Joseph with “his brown eyes twinkling with excitement” as he gives Mary a surprise gift (a prayer bench which Joseph preferred to use as a kissing bench). She also states that Mary “laughed” as she describes how protective Joseph and Jacob were as they stood guard outside the stable after the birth of Jesus. Yet again when Jesus was much older, Davis mentions that “Jesus’ eyes twinkled with merriment as he saw her confusion and wrapped his arms around her in a big bear hug. Laughing, he kissed her cheek…” as she describes Jesus’ affection for Ima, His mother.

Davis’ down-to-earth, humanistic description of the holy family brings this wonderful story to life in a unique and wonderful way.  According to my religious teachings, “holy pictures” as they were referred to in my school days, have always depicted Jesus, Mary and Joseph as a very serious, sad, or sorrowful family.  Even at the celebratory occasion of the birth of Jesus, these “holy pictures” did not express the usual happiness that one would expect upon the birth of a beautiful newborn baby. I personally love the expressions used by Davis as she describes this happy, smiling, well-adjusted family who, even though they experienced much pain and suffering, also knew great joy and happiness many times throughout their lives.

Davis manages to weave together a more present day version of family life with the usual spectrum of emotions intertwined that any family might experience. Jesus is described as the oldest of several brothers and two sisters and that He was eager to assist His mother by helping out with His younger siblings in order to ease her load. Therefore, this image of family life is one that we can more identify with and relate to in our roles as grandparents, parents, sons or daughters. This novel manages to capture many of the everyday occurrences that may happen in normal family life in our expressions of love, concern, fear, joy and sorrow. Davis’ novel Come to Me gives a human face to the holy family which makes us love this story about Jesus, Mary and Joseph all the more.

Davis has managed to retell an age-old story in a new and exciting way.  I truly enjoyed reading this book and I hope you take the time to enjoy it as well.

A singer and a songwriter for over 25 years, Laura J. Davis began writing full-time after an emergency surgery caused the loss of her voice. She is a member of Canada’s largest community of writers who are Christian, The Word Guild, where she volunteers as first editor. Laura and her husband, Jim, reside in London Ontario. She invites you to contact her through her web site at Finding Joy in the Journey .


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  1. Peter Black said,

    Hello Dolores,
    I finished reading my copy of “Come to Me” several weeks ago, and thoroughly enjoyed it, and heartily recommend it.
    (Hmm.It kind of spoils one for writing character sketches involving Mary, though! :))
    Thank you for this very comprehensive review of the book.

    • Hello Peter,
      Thank you for your positive and encouraging comments about Laura’s book and my book review. I also read your book review a while back on Laura’s site and was impressed with it as well. I hope you and May are doing well. Blessings!

  2. Laura Davis said,

    Dolores, thank you so much for this beautiful review. I’m glad you enjoyed the book!

    • You are most welcome Laura…I feel very honored to have had the priviledge of doing your book review. It’s a great book!

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