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WALK WITH THEM ~ February 19, 2011 by Charles Betts


Everyone needs compassion

From someone they can turn to

Who’s kind enough to listen

When life does not go well

A friend along the journey

A shoulder we can lean on

Strong enough to hold us

When we begin to fall

A haven, a safe harbour

A refuge we can sail to

Where we can find protection

When the waves are crashing in

We all need forgiveness

For sins we have committed

Transgressions in our life time

That have harmed another soul

If we can find repentance

A chance to start all over

Do things so much different

Live life another way

Reach out to a neighbour

Be kind to a stranger

Who struggle on their journey

Walk with them a while

A Poem By Charles Betts

Thanks once again Charles for sharing such an inspirational poem with all of us. Charles has been most generous in sharing several poems with us over the last several weeks. I will continue to share his talent on Saturdays when I receive a poem from him.


4 Responses to 'WALK WITH THEM ~ February 19, 2011 by Charles Betts'

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  1. Such a good poem to remind us of the encouragement
    that God gives in whatever path we walk, as long as we
    walk with Him. Thank you for sharing, Charles…..

  2. Thanks for sharing your poem, Charles. It is inspirational and reminds us not only that we need compassion from others, but that we need to be there when others need compassion from us.

  3. Peter Black said,

    A very lovely poem.
    It seems to convey warmth of heart and depth of experience. A treasure.
    Thank you Charles — and Dolores, of course.

  4. hope_rising said,


    This is absolutely beautiful! I really agree with the sentiment. Everyone needs to be forgiven, every one needs to forgive and everyone needs to be heard … at one time or another….

    great poem

    LLL from HTH!

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