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BLOG HOPPING DAY ~ Mistaken Emotions In Dysfunctional Relationships ~ February 16, 2011 by Darlene Ouimet

Posted in BLOG HOPPING by doloresayotte on February 16, 2011
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Once again, one of  Darlene Ouimet’s post has hit home with me. Darlene has a way of cutting to the quick and explaining things in a very clear and matter of fact way. In this article, she clarifies the difference between excitement and anxiety. I must admit that at times, I have confused the two. On looking back, I realize that I often thought I was excited about an upcoming visit or celebration when in reality I was experiencing stress or anxiety. It’s a fine line and takes a little reflecting to actually know which emotion we are dealing with. Please take a moment to check out Darlene’s article as she explains  Mistaken Emotions In Dysfunctional Relationships. Please take a moment to check out some of the comments too.


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  1. I really enjoyed Darlene’s post!

    • Thanks Andrea…I think this is a post that a lot of us can relate to especially those who live away from family. The term “mixed emotions” comes to mind. I appreciate your comments.

  2. Hi Dolores –

    Good article! I never connected my insatiable need for junk food while on a road trip with anxiety. I also thought of myself as excited.

    Thanks for the link.

    Susan 🙂

    • Hi Susan,
      Thanks for your comments. I never fully realized what I was dealing with in a lot of instances either. I think there’s a fine line and Darlene’s post was a real eye opener. It sure made me think and nudged me to have a better look at the real emotion that I was dealing with on some visits and celebrations. Blessings to you and yours Susan. 🙂

  3. Hello Dolores,
    Thanks for sharing my blog post and my blog “emerging from broken” with your readers once again!
    This particular post was special to me because I thought I had all that figured out already! LOL But realizing my mistaken emotions on that trip made me think about lots of other mistaken emotions that I hadn’t considered prior either.
    This journey is like an adventure! Always something to learn, new discoveries, lots of lighbulb moments!
    Thanks for all you do here!

    Hugs, Darlene

    • Hi Darlene,
      You are very welcome. It is my pleasure to share your experiences and insights with my readers. I know exactly what you mean about life being a journey and a series of lightbulb moments. We never seem to stop learning which is a good thing unless we close our minds to it. Life lessons are what it’s all about. Sharing those lessons with others really helps us all. Thanks for doing just that!
      Hugs to you too, Dolores

  4. hope_rising said,

    Miss D!

    I always like this blog’s entry. I so agree with the author …. it is easy to confuse the two emotions ….. anxiety and excitement …. I have found that one I start feeling anything in the extreme … I need to take a minute, breathe and figure out what is going on ….. it’s so much better than being feeling out of control… which is what I got the sense of in reading that article.

    still catching up!

    LlL from HTH !

    • Hope,
      Thanks for your comments on Darlene’s post. I very much agree with you about stepping back and taking a moment to figure out exactly what emotion we are feeling in a particular situation. I don’t care for that “out of control” feeling when it comes to my emotions. I know you are very busy so I thank you for taking the time to catch up on a few of my posts. HTH from LLL

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