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BRUISED CHILDREN ~ February 12, 2011 by Charles Betts


A sweet young girl with tender eyes 

Banished to her room, alone, she cries

Somewhere inside her spirit dies

I think this is a shame


She listens as her mom and dad

Yell at her and say she’s bad

It’s all her fault when they get mad

She thinks she is to blame


A quiet boy with dark sullen stare

Listens as they curse and swear

Just wishing he could hide somewhere

Why do they call him names?


He once was happy. Would sing a song

He had good friends who tagged along

What has happened? What went wrong?

Why is his family strained?


A tender girl, a precious boy

Should only know of love and joy

Play and laugh and share their toys

They should not know this pain


Harsh, angry words. Mean, cruel tones

Hurt much more than sticks and stones

Breaking more than children’s bones

I think adults should refrain


When as parents, we lose control

And we destroy those tiny souls

How will they ever be made whole?

How will they laugh again?


A poem by Charles Betts April 27th, 2005

Thank you once again Charles for sharing such an inspirational poem with us.  Charles is a captain on the city of Fredericton, New Brunswick Fire Department where he has worked for the last twenty-five years. I’m pleased to announce that he has sent me two more poems which I will post on the following two Saturdays.    


7 Responses to 'BRUISED CHILDREN ~ February 12, 2011 by Charles Betts'

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  1. Mary Haskett said,

    A very thought provoking poem. having suffered much abuse as a child I can relate. May your poem speak to all who struggle with anger, and hopefully they will rethink and with God’s help live lives dedicated to Him.

    • Thank you Mary on behalf of Charles. Thanks also for sharing about your own suffering with childhood abuse. I’m sure it is a difficult subject to open up about and the memories of it can still bring pain. I hope this poem reaches others who have endured this kind of childhood abuse and that it can bring them some peace. I appreciate your comments and continued support.

  2. susanearl said,

    Thank you for sharing this poem that speaks for many who cannot speak out for themselves.

    • Thanks Susan on behalf of Charles. I agree that there are many children who suffer from abuse and cannot speak for themselves.

  3. Such a tender and good poem. Charles is so right and children
    are such precious gifts; we want them to grow up in love and to
    see beauty and examples of love. So sad that many do not!

    • Why thank you Diane for such kind and thoughtful comments. I’m sure Charles will appreciate it because I know I sure do. It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday yesterday. That’s great!

  4. hope_rising said,

    very difficult topic, but a great reminder to remember all the little souls whose divine purpose in this world has been replaced with struggle at the hands of others.

    LLL from HTH !

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