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Driving “Miss D” ~ January 17, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

I have formed a very unique friendship with someone I have come to admire and respect. I don’t know her full story but I do know that she has experienced a deep loss.  She made a decision to overcome that loss by starting a blog. It is called Eyes On Hope.  Several months ago our blogging paths crossed and we have become dear friends.  I have never met her in person.  I only refer to her as Hope.  She has come to call me “Miss D”.  I’m pretty sure I’m old enough to be her mother but she has helped me every bit as much as I hope I have helped her. Hope is one talented girl.  She is a beautiful poet and writes great stories to share her hope with the world. Every morning, I visit with her. She doesn’t know my full story either but for one reason or another our heart-strings are attached. We found each other because it was meant to be, that I know for sure.

I love the nickname Hope has given me. As you know, my name is Dolores. Little does Hope know, but I’m sure she suspects that I have known many other words starting with D which have deeply affected me over the years. I know the meaning of discouragement and  disappointment like so many of us do but I also have experienced despair and deep depression. Almost thirty years ago, I could hardly convince myself to get out of bed.  If it weren’t for my young children and the need to get them off to school, I’m not so sure I would have bothered.  During those dark times in my life I felt very little hope, if any at all. 

I have formed another very unique and precious friendship with Nikki.  Nikki and I also communicate on a daily basis.  We know a lot more about each other because we have read each other’s books and we’ve had the opportunity apart from the blogging world to share more personal information.  Nikki makes my day in much the same way as Hope. She is open and honest.  She’s had a tough life but she found peace with it by finding her faith.  She is a survivor of rape and abuse, both physical and emotional. She has also created a blog called Gentle Recovery to help in her healing process.  She has touched my life in such a way that it brings tears to my eyes as I think of her story.

I feel so fortunate to have found such wonderful friends.   By reaching out, these two women have honored me in such an indescribable way.  We have shared our stories of hope. We have inspired each other on our personal healing  journeys. We have learned to trust again and to look on the bright side of things. I personally have found another D word which my daughter uses on her blog to describe her relationship with God.  I have found the Divine.  The One who is all loving and all merciful.  The One that loves me no matter what. You know what else?  I have discovered several other words beginning with D to describe where I am in my journey today.  I have encountered a Deity that surrounds me with daylight instead of darkness, delight instead of dread and despair, and dauntless faith instead of deep depression based on irrational fears.   Hope…you have no idea how appropriate your nickname “Miss D” has become, however I much prefer these present day, more delectable D words in my life.   

Thank you Nikki and Hope for allowing me to be part of your journey and for your inspiration on mine. Thanks to all my readers who have added to my life in their own precious way by following my blog, making comments or reading my books. You have helped make my life far more desirable and delightful!  Blue Skies today and always…


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  1. Sarah said,

    that is the best Ms. D…..I love this and have come to love you. Blue skies today for all of us….and will check out Hope’s blog too. ☺

    • Thanks Nikki…I have come to love you too! Thanks for checking out Hope’s site. I know she’ll appreciate it.

  2. Audra Krell said,

    Love it Miss D! Thank you for your authenticity. You bring comfort to others with your honesty and friendship to all with your kindness.

    • Thank you very much Audra! To use the word “authenticity” to describe me is such a fine compliment. I see you the exact same way. It’s so interesting that even through cyberspace, we can search out those who are “for real” and form some deep bonds.

  3. hope_rising said,

    Miss D!

    O my goodness what a beautiful testimony .. I too, am very attached to our friendship … it has come to mean so much to me .. each day …. thank you so much for such a tribute … but I must say you make it easy to like/admire you … your writing is beautiful … your vision for this site is inspiring …. I just love it…

    you are the best !

    LLL from HTH !

    • Thanks so much my dear Hope…it’s hard to believe all the months that have flown by since we’ve been in each other’s life. Friendship has a wonderful way of weaving itself into our daily lives and I am very grateful that you are intertwined in mine. HTH from LLL Miss D

  4. Jan said,

    Hi Dolores,
    What I see in you – is Devotion – Devotion to family, friends and people you meet. I see devotion to God and to blogging in His Light. I also see you as a dear friend who continues to inspire me in my writing.

    • Jan…why thank you so much for such a fine compliment. I see that same Devotion in you! You have also been a great inspiration to me and a dear friend.

  5. Ginny Hamlin said,

    You are a blessing to many my … Dear … sweet, Dolores.

    Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor:
    If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up. — Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

    • Ah Ginny…such kind, sweet words. You too are a real “Dear” friend. You are so right about two being better than one. I continue to join you in prayer.

  6. Laurette said,

    Thank you, Dolores.

    • Thank you Laurette for your wonderful and loyal support. I appreciate it! Please say “hi” to the girls for me.

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