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Blog Hopping Day ~ Eating Disorders — January 12, 2011

Posted in BLOG HOPPING by doloresayotte on January 12, 2011
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Weightism is a Human Rights Issue

Do you suffer from issues about your weight or body image?  If you do, this is the post for you.   Nourishing The Soul 

Dr. Ashley Solomon touches base on a lot of issues to do with weight and eating disorders but this one in particular really grabbed my attention. It specifically deals with the human rights of overweight people. It certainly is well worth reading even if you personally do not have a weight problem. As Dr. Ashley Solomon so aptly points out, even if we aren’t personally dealing with weight issues, we most certainly know someone who is. Perhaps, you can share some of her insights with your loved ones who may know some of these kinds struggles.


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  1. Desiray said,

    Great post sis people need information like this for so many people suffer from eating disorderes

    • Thanks Desiray…there are so many informative blogs touching base on so many different topics. The voice of experience sheds a lot of light on various situations that I think are well worth sharing. I appreciate your comments.

  2. hope_rising said,

    What an interesting article and sobering perspective. I know people who struggle with their weight and I do find, very typically, that they also have very low self esteem. There needs to be more information and understanding of weightism … I actually didn’t even know that was a word, so something new for me ..

    thanks for pointing out the article …

    LLL from HTH !

    • Hope…yes, this is a very interesting article and very pertinent to a lot of people. I have never heard of the word “weightism either. This article was very informative. Thanks for your comments.

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