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CALLING ALL AUTHORS AND BLOG WRITERS — December 17, 2010 by Dolores Ayotte

Posted in INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES AND ANECDOTES by doloresayotte on December 17, 2010
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“Writing makes a person very vulnerable. It opens you to public criticism, to ridicule, to rejection. But it also opens conversation and thought. It stirs minds, and touches hearts. It brings us into contact with our souls. So how can it possibly be a waste of time, an idle act, a mistake, a betrayal of truth? Who can possibly tell us not to do it?”
~Joan Chittister, Order of Saint Benedict


I found this quote today and I felt the strong need to share it with all my fellow blog writers and authors.  This quote really hits home for me. How many of us feel discouraged by the lack of response to what we write?  How many of us have felt vulnerable by what we have written and how people might view us? How many of us have been ridiculed, perhaps even mocked, criticized or rejected because of what we have shared? 

I know that I have felt several of these emotions. I have also known disappointment and discouragement but…I totally agree with this quote by Joan Chittister. My writing has stoked conversations outside of people’s natural comfort zones. People have opened up to me and told me about their personal struggles because they know I understand and have compassion for their plight.  My words have also stirred minds and touched hearts as I spur on people to think for themselves. I also encourage others to learn to love themselves in order to truly love and accept others. 

Writing is no idle act, no mistake, no betrayal of truth.  Writing is a gift that has been bestowed upon me and many others like me who want to share their talent with the world.  To do less or to bury this talent would be a betrayal not only to myself but to My Maker and the One who so generously and abundantly gives us all a variety of gifts to share with our fellow humankind. Yes…sometimes it can hurt, but the rewards for our desire to share this wondrous gift usually far outweigh the negative consequences. Therefore, I salute all my fellow writers today. Chin up.  Even if we positively touch only a few people with our written words, we have touched a whole world to God. 


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  1. Andrea said,

    Every word written is like a seed carefully tucked into the soil, hoping that it will be the one that takes, that it is strong enough to weather the elements so that it may grow into something greater than it ever knew possible. A writer is the gardener, working tirelessly, to ensure that all the elements that she can control are in place, and then she allows the Divine to do the rest.

    Great post!!


    • Very well said Andrea. Thanks so much for your support, encouragement, and understanding when it comes to sharing our written word.

  2. Claire said,

    Brilliant! Thank you x

    • You are very welcome Claire…I so appreciate your response! Thank you.

  3. Peter Black said,

    A very good quote, and how true.
    What a great responsibility we have in writing and our use of words to stir minds and touch hearts in positive and wholesome ways.

    • Thanks Peter…I know that you realize full well the power of words and how to best use them to inspire others.

  4. Niki Turner said,

    Thank you for sharing this, definitely a “word in season” for me!
    Bless you!

    • Thank you Niki. I think there are a lot of writers out there who could benefit from the reality of this quote. I am so glad it was a”word in season” for you too. Blessings to you and yours!

  5. Hi Dolores!

    I loved that quote! I know I’ve read it before, but it’s been a while. I don’t consider myself a writer AT ALL… so I definitely feel vulnerable and often think “what business do I have writing anything?”

    It’s comforting to read that a true AUTHOR even has moments of self-doubt and feelings of vulnerability.

    I’m so happy to have connected with you – you ARE a person with a genuine heart… a truly compassionate person… Thank you for your wonderful blog and for being the kind person that you are!


    • Thank you so much Christine for your kind, thoughtful, amd supportive comments. I really don’t consider myself to be a seasoned author and at times, I feel very vulnerable not unlike you. When we open up the way we do by sharing such an intimate part of ourselves, it is easy to have self-doubt and to feel unsure. More and more, I’m realizing that most writers feel the same way. Perhaps, having an open forum to admit it to each other helps to make it just a bit easier. (((Hugs))) to you too.

  6. Jen S. said,

    Beautifully put! Thanks for having the courage to be vulnerable!

    • Thanks so much Jen,
      Your comment means a lot to me….more than you could possibly know. Blessings to you and yours.

  7. hope_rising said,

    Miss D!

    I so agree, I can’t believe how important my little blog has become to me. The writing about hope every day has completely changed my life …. I don’t know if anything else would have done that as well or as quickly as writing. Last year at this time I could not breathe deep without crying … I just walked around with my whole body so tight, just so I could get through days… that is all different now … chances are things would have gotten easier just with time .. but the thing about writing, is that I was/am present to the change .. and that I don’t think I would have been able to do without writing .. so I’m a fan!

    great quote !

    LLL from HTH !

    • Hope…thanks very much for being so open and honest about how writing has helped pull you through some of your toughest moments. It really is very therapeutic and I couldn’t agree with you more about how it can enhance our lives. I am very thrilled to be part of this blog writing community and to have had the opportunity to find friends like you. HTH from LLL Miss D 🙂

  8. wanda G said,

    Insightful and beautifully written (as usual) my Friend…you are indeed a gift from God to others…thanks for being faithful to the call..the world is indeed a better place because You are YOU ..
    Love the ‘snowflakes’ on you blog…charming! Have a wonderful Christmas!! (:

    • Thank you so much Wanda…I am so grateful for your kind and supportive encouragement. You too are a gift from God because you are ever faithful in your support of others as we work together to make this a better world. I appreciate you and all that you do too!

  9. Hi Dolores,
    I have just followed you, from Desiray’s blog and I am so delighted that I did, as I would have missed out on this wonderful timely post that you have written.

    Everything you said resonated with me and that quote was spot on.
    I am so happy that God is using me to share His life-changing Word and I give Him all the glory. I have found that as I write, the Lord is stirring up my life in Him, in so many glorious ways.

    Thank you for sharing, I am off to read more of your posts.
    God Bless you more

    • Hi Carole,
      I’m so glad that you found me from Desiray’s blog. I’m a big fan of hers too! She has been a great inspiration to me. I’ve enjoyed my visit to your blog as well! Blessings to you and yours!

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