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                                  A Wo-Man’s Voice

Synchronicity takes the coincidence of events in space and time as meaning something more than mere chance, namely, a peculiar interdependence of objective events among themselves as well as with the subjective (psychic) states of the observer or observers.”  ~ Carl G. Jung ~

When I first started my blog two months ago one of my very first posts was about Synchronicity.  Synchronicity is simply “meaningful coincidences” or “happenstance” – which occur in our daily life.  The key, however, is in being aware of them and in taking notice.  You might not understand what the message may be at first, but time (and the universe) will eventually let you in on their “little secret”.   These coincidences could be considered by some to be trivial or they could be life-altering!  But regardless of the impact, I believe they are all beautiful reminders from God that we are being taken care of ~ and it always fills me with joy each time they occur.  In order to explain it a bit better I’ll give you an example from my journal.  (I’ve been keeping track of them and it’s amazing how often these “coincidences” occur once you’re actually paying attention.)

Okay – here’s a minor example, but something that has meaning to me nonetheless.   For a long time I had been struggling to find motivation in my life and found it hard to get off the couch and outside.  Just the thought of going in my own backyard (as I’ve mentioned before) was a difficult task.  In my previous post I talk about how I’m enjoying an old passion of mine – photography… and this is when I started to feel that spark again …

Taken from a journal entry…

“I actually had the motivation to go OUTSIDE to take pictures in the backyard.  I really enjoyed being outside and taking in the fall beauty that surrounded me.  The sun was out which helped a lot.  Feeling the warmth on my face felt so good and it made me stay out longer than I had anticipated.  I was able to take several pictures which (I think) turned out decent.  It felt good to do something that used to make me happy.  It’s a start at least.  Since I was enjoying the beautiful weather so much, I decided to let my cat come outside in the backyard for a little while.  I’ve been feeling bad because he’s been staring out the window and whining a lot lately, but I haven’t had the energy to take him out even though I know how much he loves it outside.  So in doing so today I felt better about myself and that I wasn’t such a horrible “mommy” to my cat.  After I had my fill we headed inside.  Then, no more than five minutes later the sky started to turn gray and it just downpoured!  It was sunny all day!  To me this was definitely God/the Universe giving me the time I needed to nourish my soul because he knew I needed it badly!”

The reason I bring this up is because I read a recent post from a blog I follow ~ “Wisdom and Life“.  The post is titled “Noticing Synchronicity“.   I like Chris’s take on Synchronicity and how he has experienced it in his own life.  I like how he states: “EVERYTHING is a choice. You can choose what you see and how you see it. If you choose to see divine intervention in your life, you will begin to see it more every day. Isn’t that a better way to live?”  I definitely agree with him!

Some people might argue that “everything happens for a reason” and I too argue against it myself sometimes.  For example, I don’t see the good or reason behind when one family (and one in particular that I know) has to constantly deal with tragedy over and over in their life.  It’s unreal the amount of anguish these people go through.  I have known them my entire life and it still doesn’t make sense to me how one family can be constantly “dumped on” while another family can go through life more or less unscathed.  Yes, yes – I know there are arguments to be had on both sides of this – but I do believe there is always exceptions to the rule.  For the most part I do believe that everything happens for reason – it’s just that once in a while, in certain situations, that simple phrase just doesn’t apply for me.

I encourage you to start your own “Meaningful Coincidences” journal… and to start being more aware of what the world is trying to tell you.  Start paying more attention to what is happening in your life and the world around you.  You’ll be amazed at what you find – I promise!  Meaningful coincidences don’t just happen to certain people – they happen to us all – it’s just a matter of whether or not we’re paying close enough attention to them.

Thanks so much Christine for sharing your insights and observations with all of us. To learn more about Christine please visit her website: http://hopedespitedepression.blogspot.com


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  1. hope_rising said,


    EVERYTHING is a choice. You can choose what you see and how you see it. If you choose to see divine intervention in your life, you will begin to see it more every day. Isn’t that a better way to live?”

    I agree with him and you … so much of how our life plays out is our choice or the result of choices we have made… I think that if you choose to see the postive things, if you choose to see hope, if you choose to pursue joy .. those things will be seen and experienced….

    great post …

    • Absolutely! I definitely believe we shape our lives by our attitude… If we’re constantly being negative those are the “vibes” we are sending out to the world. I choose to send positive vibes!

      Thanks for taking the time to read my post!!!

      Take care!

  2. Thank you again, Dolores, for inviting me to be a guest writer on your beautiful site. I’m going back to my blog now and typing a post about it, linking back to you – so that people can discover your inspiring site (in case they haven’t seen it in my blogroll already! 🙂


    • You are very welcome Christine…I am honored to be able to do this for you. Thanks for linking me up to your site too!

      • It is I who is honored! 🙂

        My post is up if you’re interested in checking it out!

        Have a wonderful day!


  3. Zuzana said,

    I love this post first time I read and i love it still.;)) And I do believe in the same sentiments and always will. We always have a choice; even if we do nothing, that action, or the lack of it, is a choice by itself.;)

    • hopedespitedepression said,

      Hi Zuzana!

      Thanks for taking the time to pop on over to Dolores’s site!

      Great point! Even if we don’t take action that too is a choice… very very true!


  4. Hi Christine,
    I understand what you mean. I’d like to invite you to read my book review on my blog http://barbarajrobinson.blogspot.com because it’s a true story of how tragedy struck a family more than once, and they had to deal with it, but they were not bitter, and they realized the good that came out of their tragedy. It is so sad to see people struck by such circumstances, but it is so amazing to see those who’ve been knocked down and get back up and keep going, even when you’d think they couldn’t possibly take anymore. The boy who came back from heaven is such a story, a true one, nonfiction. God bestowed many blessings on their family even while they were trudging their way through the storm. I really enjoyed the book because I like reading about what others have gone through in their lives, and I feel we can all learn important life lessons that way.

    Mom used to tell us growing up that everything happened for the best and the Lord had something better in mind, even though it might not look that way, since we didn’t know His plans and His will for our lives. The book does an awesome job of illustrating this. She also told us to look around, and we wouldn’t have to look very far to find someone else worse off than we were, so not to feel sorry for ourselves. I have learned she was right.


    • hopedespitedepression said,

      Hi Barbara!

      Thank you for sharing your link – I just read it and it sounds very inspiring – I too am reading a book along those same lines – About life and what it’s all about – It’s entitled “Saved by the Light” by Dannion Brinkley – here’s a link to the book on amazon:


      It’s a true story of a man who was struck by lightening, died (was dead for almost a half an hour), and came back to life – and what he experienced… it’s truly inspirational and comforting! God certainly has plans for each and every one of us!!!

      As the saying goes, “When God closes a door, He opens a window…”

      Thanks for reading my post!

      Take care,

  5. Ginny Hamlin said,

    Great post. I have a similar post on my blog (Welcome — God Knows Me Better Than I Know Myself).

    Thank you for sharing your experience in such a transparent way. 😉

    • Hi Ginny!

      Thanks for reading! I’ll have to stop by and check out yours as well!

      Take care,

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