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A LITTLE HUMOR CAN GO A LONG WAY — November 17, 2010 by Dolores Ayotte

Posted in FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE by doloresayotte on November 17, 2010
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If you happened to read an article I wrote not too long ago about my husband having double cataract surgery, you might get the true humor in this post.  After years of wearing glasses and no prescription able to help his vision any further, he was a perfect candidate for cataract surgery. 

This procedure felt like a miracle to him and he is unbelievably grateful.  I am too, but I must admit now that he can see himself better, he can also see me better.   I heard a cute saying once about God’s  kindness with the aging process.  It goes like this.  As a woman ages, man’s eyesight starts to fail so that he always see her in a good light.  Now what…my husband has never had better vision.  On this humorous note, I sure hope he still likes what he sees. 


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  1. Sarah said,

    this really made me smile. Love that cartoon and what you wrote here. And I have no doubt Fred sees you always in the best light.

    • Nikki…Thanks so much for popping by. I love that cartoon too and I certainly still love Fred even though he’s aged too! We’re a long way from 16 when we first met! 🙂

  2. I’m sure he still loves what he sees. Cute post. I think God lets our eyesight decline so we can learn to see what counts the most is what’s on the inside and to spare us from being so hard on ourselves as we age. Blessings, Barb

    • Barb….thanks for stopping by. I couldn’t agree with you more. When we age graciously, our true beauty is on the inside where is really counts.

  3. hope_rising said,

    Miss D!

    you are beautiful, I’m sure he loves what he sees!

    cute cartoon!

    LLL from HTH!

    • Why thank you Hope…we’ve been together since we were 16 years old so I know I’ve changed a bit. (LOL) Hopefully for the best! HTh from LLL Miss D

  4. Shanyn said,

    I’m confident that our husbands love us and see us through the lens of that love, regardless of their actual vision. Love that cartoon, it was perfectly funny! Bright blessings…!

    (we really need to get together for that coffee – I know a really neat place we could meet!)

    • Shanyn…thanks for your comment. I agree with you! After all these years, I think our husbands love us inside and out. I just found out I need to have a tooth extracted and it’s in a very obvious spot. I’m going to have a toothless grin for a while. Boy, now he’s going to really see me. It’s a good thing he does love me. Bright blessings to you too! I love that expression and now I use it so often myself.

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