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A MOTHER’S PRAYER –November 14, 2010 by Yvonne Freeman



“And Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine are the kingdom and the power, and the glory, forever.  Amen.”     – St. Matthew 6: 13



“A Mother’s Prayer” 

A mother’s prayer for the love of her life is to equip her child

with the tools he needs to make it through life.

Each day I pray God protects you on life’s journey. 

May the angels protect you, may the Lord guide your way. 

When you leave the house my heart will follow.

When I see you cry I feel your sorrow. 

When you are injured or hurt, I feel your pain.

When I see you smile or hear your laughter,

my heart rebounds with joy, my child whom I adore.


I wish your dreams come true in all that you endeavor to do.

I wish you find true love with someone who loves you more than I do.

I wish you good health and a life full of happiness.

Remember, I’ll still love you, even when I disagree

with some of the things that you do.


That day shall come when I am old and grey.

I will no longer be here to remind you of God’s commandments.

My body may fail me but my love for you will forever dwell within you.

For I’ve always told you how much I love you.

When I am buried and my body turns to dusk, one day we shall meet again,

as long as you are obedient to the Lord. 


My love for you will never fade.  This is a mother’s prayer

for the children she struggled to raise today.

The blood of your blood, the flesh of your flesh, carrying around your fragile heart in the middle of their hands as they walk this earth. There is no other, who can break your heart like your children. No matter what their age you always care and worry. Their troubles become your troubles no matter how hard you try not to worry.  “A Mother’s Prayer” was written for all of the parents praying for their children in this world of chaos and turmoil. Keep your children in prayer. May Peace be with you.


Yvonne…thanks for sharing “A Mother’s Prayer” with all of us.  To learn more about Yvonne please visit her website: http://www.y-godsgrace.com



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  1. Beautiful. Some parts of this prayer remind me of God watching over us and feeling our pain, sorrow, and joy. Blessings, Barb

  2. Susan said,

    This is a tender reminder of a mother’s love and care, of her teaching her children the way of the Lord, of a mother’s prayers covering her children like a soft blanket of protection. It brings to mind a mother offering herself to her God and sharing his love through everything she does for her child. It brings to mind my mother. Thank you for such a beautiful poem.

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