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WRITER’S GROUP — October 13, 2010 by Judith Lawrence

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I am very much a loner. I love my life of quiet solitude with all the opportunities it gives me to read, write, and pray whenever and wherever I desire. 

Each summer, however, I come out of hibernation and join with a small group of writers. These few months give me a chance to expand my writing abilities, writing on topics that normally wouldn’t be on my radar. 

I am a firm believer that if one is a writer one should be able to write on any theme that is given to one. Sometimes, this can be a challenge and, indeed, I am challenged by the varying topics that come my way when I am with my fellow writers. 

We are a group of five women and we take it in turns to lead the group and the leader makes the subject choice for the eight minutes stream of consciousness that we do during the meeting as well as the assignment for the at-home writing piece. 

Even though there are only five members we are an eclectic group—a retired teacher, a lawyer, a counsellor, an author of romantic novels, and myself, a retired R.N. This opens up all kinds of topic possibilities and gives some amazing results. 

For your interest, here is a haiku poem I wrote for my at-home assignment on the subject of radiance, along with a prose poem on Sophia. 


Red-leafed trees spread bright 

Branches on blue cloudless sky 

Sun’s arrows pierce through.   


SOPHIA (Greek name for Wisdom) 

Sophia dwells within me at my core; breath beats in my breast like a rhythmed drum.

Radiant, in my deepest place, Sophia gleams with steady light from the ancient day.

Down through the ages Sophia shines forth—Wisdom (Proverbs 8:30, 31) that is from Creation’s time dwells within me.

Fire waiting to be kindled glows in hot coals; Sophia breathes her breath upon them; flames flare within my soul; creation, like a phoenix, rises up with beating wings, drums new life into being, bursting forth upon the world.


© Judith Lawrence  

 Thank you Judith for sharing your creative talent with all of us!



3 Responses to 'WRITER’S GROUP — October 13, 2010 by Judith Lawrence'

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  1. chosenwoman said,

    I enjoyed your poem. thanks for sharing and maybe as time go on in your life you will spend less and less time being alone and more time with your new found friends. you have a gift others will appreciate.

    God bless you

  2. hope_rising said,


    what beautiful poems. I love the Haiku, I am a big Haiku fan, even though I take a few liberties with it’s form regularly!

    I really admire your writing group, what a great venue for improving your skills. Good for you all five of you.

    That fall picture is just beautiful!

  3. Nikki said,

    being part of a writing group is so good. I am now finding that out. The poems are beautiful…thank you for sharing them.

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