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God’s Creative Force — September 22, 2010 by Judith Lawrence

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It’s hard to believe that I’m over 70 years old. I feel as if life is spread out before me. I am so busy learning and doing new things, and just thrilled at the wonders that open and unfold each day of my life. 

I began my writing career at age 55 after spending my adult life as a registered nurse, then a nun, then back to nursing again. When I moved to Muskoka, a rural and cottage area of Ontario, my creative side opened up in the slower pace and more reflective air of the region.  

My writing took tentative steps trying different areas and pathways. I had poems, articles, and short stories published and rather fancied myself as a famous novelist. I was surprised when my first serious work turned out to be a non-fiction manuscript on prayer. This became my first published book, Prayer Companion, and was published by Anglican Book Centre Publishing House in Toronto. 

Since then, I have self-published one book of mystical poetry, a second book of meditations, and a book of short stories. I have another manuscript ready to be published with the working title, Highway of Holiness: Soul Journey, and I’m hoping that a publisher will pick it up.  

However, I’m not putting my life on hold while I wait for a publisher to accept it. I could, of course, self-publish this book but some inner guidance tells me to wait. Meanwhile, I am learning to make videos and actually have one ready to use as a book trailer for this new book when it comes into being. 

I have a video on my website that goes along with my current home page poem: Autumn Reflections. It can be seen at http://www.judithlawrence.ca  

Enjoy life and never put your life on hold while waiting for what you think is your real life. God has so many doors waiting to be opened that you never have to be bored or wonder what you should do today.

© Judith Lawrence

Thanks Judith for sharing some of your personal history with us.

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  1. Lorraine Gauthier said,

    You have written a beautiful article Judith!! You are so right! When we wait on the Lord he opens up many new doors for us. With anticipation and wonder as we age we learn to trust. Your own journey has allowed you to explore writing and become the beautiful author that you are today !! Your publisher is just waiting to find you! GOOD LUCK!! Lorraine

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