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GOD’S CREATURES — September 6, 2010 by Judith Lawrence

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A Wo-Man’s Voice 

In 1997 our sweet dog, Terri, had to be put to sleep. She was 17 years old and that summer she had a series of seizures, the last of which caused her to have difficulty in walking. Terri had given us so much joy but we did what had to be done. We missed her terribly and miss her still. 

We decided to give another animal from the SPCA a home and, though we loved dogs, this time we chose an adult cat—Jack, a brown tabby and a gentle-natured being, who helped to fill the void of Terri’s passing from our lives. Though no animal can replace another, Jack was able to expand our hearts so that there was room for more than enough love for him and still keep loving memories of Terri. 

Since 1997, we have adopted an adult female cat to join our family; Millie came to us not long after Jack and fit nicely into our quiet and peaceful life. This was the way our cat family was supposed to stay. However, a few years later, a young male cat adopted us—but Percy’s story is for another day. 

Over the last few months, Jack has not been well and though he didn’t seem to be in pain, he definitely was not living the full life he once did. A week or so ago, with sadness in our hearts, we took him to the vet who relieved him of his daily burden; Jack slept away peacefully with his head in our hands.  

Jesus said, Not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it. Matthew 10: 29 (New Living Translation). With these words in mind, we know that God is aware of the life and death of both Terri and Jack and we give thanks to God for the gift to us of each one of our animals knowing that He cares for their welfare as well as ours.

Thanks Judith for the lovely, heartwarming story! I can clearly see your love for animals shine through.

© Judith Lawrence August 2010 

Judith Lawrence is a Professional member of The Word Guild and author of two non-fiction books, Prayer Companion: A Treasury of Personal Meditation, and Glorious Autumn Days: Meditations for the Wisdom Years, as well as one book of mystical poetry, Grapes from the Vine. Judith writes a monthly meditation, which can be found on her website: http://www.judithlawrence.ca

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8 Responses to 'GOD’S CREATURES — September 6, 2010 by Judith Lawrence'

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  1. Sarah said,

    interesting how animals touch a part of us in ways that make us feel good. Nice heart warming story.

  2. It always brings me such comfort to know that God cares for every living thing. I am so sorry you have lost your cat, Jack.

  3. Lorraine Gauthier said,

    Hi Judith! I know first hand what the love and loss of a pet feels like. They give us so much joy but when we lose them the pain can be unbearable. This love that we have for our four legged friends is one of a kind……one that we cherish yet dread when they leave us. We must endure the pain to have such incredible joy! Your story brings back many memories of my beloved pets. Thanks for your heartfelt article and for sharing.

  4. Barry Merrell said,

    The bond that humans and animals have is stronger then many other bonds. It is often said that a pet is ” man’s best friend”….possibly because it is one of true acceptance and unconditional love. Your article reminds me of the love and loss that I have experienced with my pets. I was never a cat lover until I had them and realized how much they have to offer. They really do tug at your heart. Barry

  5. I would like to thank you all on behalf of Judith and me for your great comments! They are greatly appreciated! 🙂

  6. hope_rising said,


    It is so hard to loose a pet! It’s amazing, especially one like Jack, a cat. Cat’s are not that big, yet they fill up an enormous space in our hearts and our homes.

    It sounds like he was as peaceful as he could be.

    My thoughts are with you, it will be odd with out him for a while. I’m glad you still have Millie, though I bet she misses him as well.

    I look forward to hearing Percy’s story one day!

    • Judith said,

      Thanks to each and everyone of you who left a comment on my words about Jack. Thank you for being sensitive and understanding in this time of grief and loss.

  7. I loved reading this blog. I’ve been blogging myself about the newest addition to our family, Peyton, our almost one-year-old Collie. He’s our fifth collie, and everyone of them has held a very special place in our hearts. We can learn so much from our pets!

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