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SUMMER MEMORIES — August 29, 2010 by Rose Haynes

Posted in MEMORY LANE by doloresayotte on August 29, 2010
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This is a follow-up to “Summer Memories” written by Shirley Sarafinchan on August 23, 2010. My aunt, Rose Haynes, was inspired by Shirley’s story to recall some of her childhood days.  Below is a painting of the old farm-house where the Habok Clan shared many a fond memory. 

“Summer Memories” summons me to let you know how my two younger brothers, Stan and Fred and I spent some of the time under the wonderful blue skies with white fluffy clouds. Being small we just played…mainly being make-belief ranchers. Our cattle were pieces of wood cut into short lengths. Some much smaller pieces of round wood were used as heads and we nailed them to the larger pieces of wood. We then made legs and a tail with nails. We decided that the person who could make the most cattle was the richest rancher.  

When we got “cranky” we would have two against one and whoever was finished dinner first would tear out with his accomplice, steal your cattle and set up a ranch in a new area. It was quite the childhood game. Naturally, as the one girl in this trio, I always got my wonderful cattle rustled.  We didn’t have a posse to help me retrieve my cows! 

I was fired from my first gardening job!  I hated the feel of “dirt” as I called it rather than earth, so I decided to pull out the little stringy things I was later told were carrots. I decided they were weeds and pulled them out so I left the very leafy weeds to thrive – voila… no carrots, no Rose working in the garden.  My brothers were appointed to be the herders of the milk cows along the community road allowance.  It was very interesting. They had to stay until the 4 o’clock local train from Brandon to Alexander tooted its horn which told us we could bring home “the beef” where my older sister Kaye was waiting to milk them. 

One of the other alluring jobs was to pick wild berries…strawberries, raspberries. Saskatoon berries (not to be confused with the city of Saskatoon.  We weren’t given small buckets. We tried to fill the big milking buckets used for milking purposes.  It usually meant one handful to the mouth and one handful for the berry buckets.  Our mother spent hours canning all of these tasty little morsels. They sure tasted good to us come winter.  She too made copious quantities of canned green and yellow beans, tomatoes, peaches, plums, beet pickles, and beet relish with horse-radish from the garden. 

Whole fryer chickens were preserved in 2 quart sized jars. She counted all the jars and was the proudest person because she had canned so much. Then the daily cycle began again to the routine of picking berries. Everyday, the 4 o’clock train marked quitting time.  

Thank you Shirley for reminding me of my childhood summer holidays.  We all loved them but essentially we very happy to go back to the school come September, to a new and exciting experience. Sometimes, it was the fun of “breaking in a new teacher”!

Thank you so much Aunt Rose for sharing some of your fond childhood memories with us. This is a picture taken when visiting the farm of  Aunt Rose holding Shirley.

Below is a picture of the Habok Clan at a family reunion around 30 years ago. Missing from the picture is the youngest child, Hazel.  Hazel, at a much earlier time, is in one of the above pictures with her mother and a few of her sisters.


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  1. Andrea Cockerill said,

    A friend of mine has been canning veggies from the garden for the first time this past week, and she has had so much pride over her accomplishment. It alwasy feels good to know that you are feeding your family good food, no matter what generation you come from. I feel inspired to do some canning myself, but I guess I would need a garden first! Now that is the biggest difference between the generations, we don’t seem to garden like your generation did.

  2. Lorraine Gauthier said,

    Thanks so much Aunty Rose for sharing such heart warming memories!! I have done a fair bit of preserving in my day and now know where I got it from. I still love all of those fresh fruits and vegetables. The fall still reminds me of getting ready for the long winter. Thanks again!! Lorraine

  3. Barry Merrell said,

    Life was so simple back then. Big families and homemade toys. There were no televisions or computers. There were home cooked meals and hand me down clothes. There 3 or 4 to a bedroom and no complaints. There was only one parent working with many kids. There was love and happiness. Those were the days we now call ” the good old days”. Thanks for reminding me of those days!!!

  4. Shirley Sarafinchan said,

    I enjoyed reading “Summer Memories” so very much Aunt Rose and it was fun to look at the family photos and select a few to go along with your “blog”! You’re a lovely writer so keep writing!

    Love Shirley

  5. hope_rising said,

    Last year was my first experience canning anything. I was using a pressure cooker, and I was scared to death of it. I’m not sure what I thought was going to happen, but the warnings in the instructions were onminous!

    It all turned out well, and I will most definitely do it again. Though admitedly I am still intimidated by that big ol’ pressure cooker!

    The photographs are amazing.How cool that you still have them all, they look like they are in great shape!

    bummer about the carrots! LOL!

    great post!

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