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PERSONAL MILESTONES — August 12, 2010 by Dolores Ayotte

Posted in INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES AND ANECDOTES by doloresayotte on August 12, 2010
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“I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome in trying to succeed.”  (Booker T. Washington) 

I am a relatively new author. I have one book published and a second one in the works. Last November, a friend of mine suggested I start a blog in order to get better known.  My first internal reaction was, “who in the world would follow my blog?”  My next reaction was, “how in the world would I ever even know what to do or what to write?” 

I knew next to nothing about computers. I could use the internet to search for information and I could send and receive e-mails. That’s about it. I am almost ashamed to admit that this was the depth of my knowledge. On my friend’s insistence, she came over and introduced “my husband” to Word Press. It was as if I wasn’t even there. They were busy in front of the computer as I busied myself in the kitchen. I must admit, I felt kind of out of the loop.

After my friend left, my husband looked at me and admitted that he was not at all interested in this blogging world (I think he’s changing his tune if you look at yesterday’s post).  For months, this blog of mine sat idle because neither one of us knew what to do with it.  At that time, I decided to take a basic computer course to better educate myself and to learn to feel more comfortable with computers in general. They scared the heck out of me. The course helped immensely. In March 2010, I revisited this blank blog of mine with renewed interest. There was only a small crack in the door. I had a Word Press blog but not much else. I decided to play around with it and see what I could figure out on my own. We’re talking baby steps here. 

I’m still no computer whiz, but I’m one determined person. If I don’t know something, I ask someone who does. I’ve plodded along and figured out an awful lot on my own. I’ve gained confidence and self-esteem in the process. The other day, my husband came up from his basement office and admitted to me that he can’t believe how far I’ve come in less than a year. It’s so neat. He’s always had computer skills far greater than mine, but now, once and awhile I can actually educate him on a thing or two.    

You know something?  I couldn’t have done it without all of you. You’ve helped me reach this wonderful milestone in my life.  It means the world to me that you read, follow, subscribe, or guest write on my blog.  I love when you leave comments. You’ve shown me the support and encouragement I need to “plod on”. I want to say “thanks” to all of you. 

“All things are difficult before they are easy.”  (Thomas Fuller)



23 Responses to 'PERSONAL MILESTONES — August 12, 2010 by Dolores Ayotte'

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  1. I’m so glad you followed your dream to blog and learned how to do it!
    I’m not computer savvy and very tech. challenged, so it would be hard
    for me! 🙂 The world has become so into blogging and it makes it nice to
    share what is happening. Glad you enjoy it, Dolores!

    • Thank you so much Diane for being such a loyal follower of my blog. I can’t tell you how much your positive comments have meant to me. 🙂

  2. kay wielinski said,

    You go girl -u can be mentor to all of us!

    • Hey Kay…thanks for your encouraging words! Are you in AZ. yet? Enjoy your time there with your grandsons! 🙂

  3. clearbluewindow said,

    Dolores, I am so glad that you persevered. Your blog is an inspiration! Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into it and for sharing your insights with all of us 🙂

    • Kelly,
      Thank you for your support and encouragemnt. I love visitng your blog too and you have also been such an inspiration to me! 🙂

  4. Andrea Cockerill said,

    I am glad that you kept at it, because you then inspired me to do my own blog. I too am impressed at how far you have come. I have realized in my own life that determination can get a person a long way.

    • Andrea,
      Being an “inspiration to” and being “inspired by” seem to be the flip side of the same coin. I was very much “inspired by” you to get going on my blog in the first place. It’s good to see that the “apple didn’t fall far from the tree”. I enjoy your blog in much the same way you enjoy mine! 🙂

  5. Shirley Sarafinchan said,

    Congratulations Dolores, you have been very determined and very successful with your blog and I love it!! I have always enjoyed reading and writing and now I feel free to write new and interesting blogs and also the opportunity to share my poetry. It has also encouraged me to write more poetry and prose and as I move into my retirement years I know it will be first and foremost on my agenda! Thank you for your inspiration!


    • You are very welcome Shirley. My goal has always been to share the “limelight” and to inspire others to discover themselves in a new and exciting way. It brings me great joy to learn I have already succeeded in this aspiration as I see more and more of you “shine”! You definitely are one of those stars. 🙂

  6. Kathy Eberly said,

    Wow, Dolores, are journeys are so alike! I’m glad you’re here and I’m glad that you share this blog with us! Have a great day!

    • Hi Kathy,
      I kind of figured our journeys were similar. I have a feeling that there are a lot more like us out there. Thanks for your positve comments and for relating to this “new age” experience that we are sharing. Enjoy your day too! 🙂

  7. Audra Krell said,

    Very inspiring, thanks for keeping at it! This post makes me want to learn more about technology and my blog.

    • Thanks Audra,
      If I can be an inspiration to my readers then I feel like I have accomplished even more than what I initially hoped for…take care! 🙂

  8. Susan Earl said,

    Dolores, I would never have known! Your blog is always so well done and interesting! You’ve created a wonderful sight that is instantly welcoming to all. Thank you for including me as a guest writer and for sharing your daily blogs with me. I always enjoy them! I’m just entering the world of blogging myself, and I’m learning about it in baby steps, too. I’ve set up a couple of blog spots, but they don’t equal yours at all! Have a blessed day! Susan

    • Thanks so much Susan for such a fine compliment. I equally enjoy visiting your blog. You also have very interesting insights to share! Blessings! 🙂

  9. Ginny Hamlim said,

    If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up! –Ecclesiastes 4:10
    XO/gh 😉

    • Ginny…very appropriate quote. I could never have gotten this far without my friends. Thanks for being one of them. Blessings to you and yours! 🙂

  10. hope_rising said,

    I, for one, am so glad you plodded on! I love your blog and I love the sharing you inspire!

    I just happen to know a lot about computers by trade, what I know nothing about is writing…

    So it would seem, you and me, we are learning our way into each other’s worlds!

    whatever your doing .. keep on doing it! It’s working!

    rock on!

  11. Hope,
    You honestly could have fooled me. Your stories and poems come from the heart of a very talented writer. Your “gift” has been such an inspiration to me. Share on, kiddo! I love your blog too! 🙂

  12. I’m so glad too that you followed your dream…your writing is beautiful…

    • Thanks so much…it’s people like you that have made me want to follow my dream! 🙂

  13. Mary Haskett said,


    You have certainly inspired me. Congratulations for reaching your goal. I want to share with you that I tried to get myself set up with Word Press about a year ago. I gave up, because like others I’m not too technical. Anyway you’ve challenged me to try again.

    Blessings on your day

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