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DON’T GIVE UP — August 8, 2010 by Yvonne Freeman

Posted in INSPIRATIONAL POEMS ~ SPIRITUAL SATURDAY by doloresayotte on August 8, 2010
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And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask anything according to his will, he heareth us.    I John 5:14 

From the time I wake up in the morning, until my head hits the pillow at night.I think of the prayer I asked of you, Lord.  I wonder if it will come true today or tomorrow.  Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months.  If it’s not answered soon, Lord, I’m afraid I might get weak and just give up. 

So I pray every day in order to renew my faith, knowing if I do, my prayer will come true someday.  Lord, I can’t give up, for if I do, it would be like giving up on you.  It would be like not trusting in your word, like not believing a word you said.  I would be calling you a liar, something God won’t do.God doesn’t lie.  He couldn’t, he wouldn’t.  Therefore I must continue to believe everything I read about you. 

Faith without works is dead, I read.  So I do what I can, thinking I’m giving God a helping hand. But nothing I’m doing seems to work out the way I planned.  So I turn to the Lord once again. Lord, am I getting in the way of your plan?

I begin to pray for understanding.  God please help me understand where I stand in your plan. I don’t mean to question you.  It’s just that, I know you have a plan for every woman and man.  Maybe I should just be still, sometimes that’s his will.  It will be well worth the wait, if I just stop what I’m doing and let God do it his way.

Maybe it’s my prayer.  Is that why you’re not blessing me right away?  Am I praying for what I want but don’t need?  Lord, is that why you’re not answering me?

Bigger is not always better.  The more I see others with, the more I want for me.  Things,  more things won’t fill up the emptiness in me.  There is something missing.  I think its called tranquility. 

So I look in the mirror and take inventory of me.  I have food, clothing and shelter, the necessities.  Anything more than that is just called greed.  What about peace, love and harmony?  Yes, that’swhat I’m missing, that’s what I need. 

Don’t give up, whatever you do.  There’s a reason why God hasn’t answered you.  Seek ye first his will for you.  Obey his commandments as they are written, for you know God doesn’t hear the prayers of a sinner. 

Lord, I can’t give up; I won’t give up on you.  It takes patience and courage to wait on the Lord for deliverance.  Therefore, I will continue to wait, watch, and pray, no matter how long it takes. For I know if I do, my prayer will come true someday. 


Thank you very much Yvonne for sharing such an inspirational poem with all of us. 

A personal note from Yvonne:

First and foremost, I am a Child of God; obedient, humble and grateful for his mercy and the talents he blessed me with. I use to be a Supervisor in corporate society but the Lord had other plans, re-directed my path. Now I’m an Author of two books, Poet, Singer and Song Writer. I never saw it coming. Someone told me – we make plans and God laughs. I now know my mission in life – to spread God’s word through the religious songs I write and sing and my books of spiritual poetry, Y: God’s Grace and Y: Spiritual Journey. To read some poems on-line go to: www.y-godsgrace.com.  Peace be with you my brothers and sisters in Christ



5 Responses to 'DON’T GIVE UP — August 8, 2010 by Yvonne Freeman'

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  1. Lorraine Gauthier said,

    This is just beautiful Yvonne!! It is a poem and a PRAYER !! God hears all of our words. Your poem is so eloquent!! Your love for God is evident in your words!!! God Bless You !!! Thanks so much for sharing it!!!

  2. Barry Merrell said,

    Very nice poem. Easy to read and meaningful!!!

  3. Shirley Sarafinchan said,

    After reading your beautiful poem I said to myself, how many times have I been in that same predicament! I could have very easily written this poem Yvonne and I thank you for sharing such insight and love for our dear Lord!

    God Bless You!


  4. hope_rising said,


    thanks for such an inspirational poem. It’s just beautiful and very thought provocing.

    I have not heard the expression faith without works is dead in a veyr long time. But it really resonates with me. I really believe that too. Faith has to have some manifestation for me to feel real.

    And for looking for a specific answer to a prayer, that’s a hard one for me, mine was not answered in the way I had hoped, so I am waiting now and searching for the answer that is coming … I like your poem because it’s right where I am at….

    well done!

  5. Mary Haskett said,

    Beautifully expressed Yvonne. My waiting is for my back slidden children to return to the fold. The weeks, months and years slip by and still I wait. But I know His agenda is different from mine so I wait with patience and faith.

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