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RECEIVING LINE — July 28, 2010 by Violet Nesdoly

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In the last few days I’ve been looking through old photos to assemble an album for an upcoming family reunion.  Studying the familiar faces, now gone, reminds me of their lives. For example, there’s Aunt Helen. Let me tell you a bit about her.

 My first memories of my mom’s younger sister are the flannelgraph stories she told us and the Wordless Book song she sang. When she came for a visit, Mom had her hands full keeping us from barging into her room first thing in the morning to see what magic she had in her suitcase.You see, Aunt Helen wanted to be a missionary. When she was turned down, she became a missionary to the kids of Saskatchewan where she worked with Child Evangelism Fellowship and organized and taught Good News Clubs wherever she lived.She was one of my maiden aunts – a single state which, at the time, seemed irrevocable. So everyone was amazed when she announced, the year she was 61, she was getting married (to an also never-married Dutch farmer from Grande Prairie, Alberta). “I’m sweet 61 and never been kissed,” she said with a self-conscious giggle.

You never saw a more in-love couple than Uncle Dick and Aunt Helen. She was a little bit of a thing – about 4′ 10″ and under 100 pounds. Uncle Dick said about her: “She’s a little woman, but she fills the house.” 

Together they supported missionaries all over the world with money, prayers, and hospitality. She prayed for her nieces and nephews – and there were many – mentioning each by name at least once a week. She also never lost her adeptness at finding a place in conversation to slip in a question about how things were with you and the Lord, and then handing you a tract from her stash.

She and Uncle Dick would go for an early morning walk every day and pray for the people they passed. The pastor officiating at her memorial said, “Any unsaved person walking that stretch of road was marked.”Aunt Helen’s world came crashing down when Uncle Dick died in 2002. Shortly after that, she went blind. But though she never had any natural children, the love she poured into others came back to support her in the daily visits of her adopted family and my brother. 

As she entered heaven I can just imagine how her face lit up as she caught sight of Uncle Dick, saw all the things her prayers and giving had accomplished, and then met all the people (kids and adults) she’d led to Jesus. Though at times her directness in talking about spiritual things embarrassed me and put me on the spot, I think she had her priorities right. Seeing her face again in the last few days had me asking, who will be in my receiving line when I arrive in heaven? 

(Adapted from “Don’t I know you?” first published on the blog promptings February 13, 2005)

© 2010 by Violet Nesdoly

Thank you so much Violet for sharing such a heartwarming story with us. It is such a wonderful story.

Violet Nesdoly is a freelance writer who lives in Langley B.C. Her stories, poems, reviews, articles and activities have been published in a variety of print and online publications. Her 2010 project is blogging daily devotions at Other Food: daily devo’s

Web: http://violetnesdoly.com

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  1. What a nice story. I researched our family tree a couple of years back and had to dig through old pictures . I had so much fun doing that thinking about the funny stories and what we had done as kids

  2. Mary Haskett said,

    Dear Violet,
    What a heart warming story. God answered the desires of her heart and placed her on a special mission in her own community:)

  3. hope_rising said,

    what a nice story. I find I am always so inspired by people who make it through a lifetime together. I feel like I got to know Aunt Helen a little bit. Very sweet story and very nicely told.

    I have had my share of pouring through photos. Recently a college reunion prompted me to rummage through a whole stack of memorabilia. So many things I forgot all about and it all came rushing back.

    nice post!

    thanks for sharing your family with us!

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