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Posted in INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES AND ANECDOTES by doloresayotte on July 18, 2010
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There is not enough darkness in all the world to put out the light of even one small candle.” Robert Alden

When I was a kid…I couldn’t talk. I was too afraid…I held my breath… too scared to let my guard down…to scared to trust that I wouldn’t get hurt.  I withdrew….and lived in a make-believe world. One day I invented a friend – a street light.. When I’d drive up to it…it always turned green just for me and when it was red…it was because it wanted me to stay and talk. That traffic light helped me hang on….helped me get through some pretty dark times.

Funny thing – I have another Friend who is a Light….He’s my best friend….just like that traffic light was – only difference – He’s for real. Now all I want to do is shine His Light through me so others can have hope…and find freedom.

Thank you Nikki for your inspirational words.

Nikki Rosen is the award-winning Author of  “In The Eye of Deception” (A True Story)

Website:  http://gentlerecovery.webs.com

Blog Site: http://cultofdeception.blogspot.com



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  1. Andrea said,

    It is such a wonderful moment when we realize that the Divine’s light is within us, and we are truly never alone. Thanks for reminding me that once we find our own light, then it is our job to share it so this world can become a better place for all.

  2. NIkki said,

    you’re the best Dolores…you really are. Thanks for posting this and b/c of Him…I’ve been connected to some pretty awesome people….You are definitely one of them…

  3. Shirley Sarafinchan said,

    Thank you Nikki for sharing some of your light! It amazes me how friends give us the ability to love life and to want to share it so freely I too have a very good friend who is my light and who has helped me in some of my darkest hours!

  4. Hi Nikki, thanks for that wonderful story of the traffic light. When I was growing up I had a big old Elm that taught me and listened to me. It was wonderful. Let the light shine through you, that’s right, you are a doorway through which the light can shine.


  5. Mary Haskett said,

    Thank you for sharing Nikki. A beautiful illustration.
    Hugs Mary

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